Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Closing off a chapter....

So many things are finally finished!

The tapestry for Trille de Bois, orders for two gallery stores, article for the winter issue of Living Crafts, brooches for a local choir...the car is packed and we're ready to start our journey. It's a rather epic one- 4600 kilometers, and I'm eager to get to our destination before the snow flies between here and there.
 In the meantime though, making things has been a great way to reinforce my connection with my community here. To work through a project knowing it will be left with a school, community group, or friend, and adding a little bit of extra care to these projects as a way of saying goodbye for now, but we'll get together again!
These are some pictures from the finished tapestry
for Ecole Trille de Bois Waldorf School , in Ottawa.

    I had intended for the tree to be a wishing tree, with some way the children could open or select or change a wish for the day, as they passed the tapestry. A way for them to interact and touch the warm wool. But sometimes projects take on a life of their own, and through this piece, I started making these lovely little gnomes. They are my new most favorite creatures ever!

The Gnomes found their own special spot in the tree, each with their own story to tell the passing children.

And so with this, and all the energy and impetus of the Fall, I say good bye to the East, and look forward to the West, with lots of time to think, plan and dream between here and there.
Warm wishes,


  1. wow Fiona - this is stunning and so inspiring....

  2. Thanks Annie! I loved making it. It took a different direction than what I was expecting, being more defined, when I was working towards a lighter, more airy feel, but the mix of the wash of colour in the background, and the more formed tree and figures still works! I'm going to use some of the images for gift cards- a 2011 project!