Monday, December 6, 2010

Elements as Muse

While camping, we were still busy making things, preparing for the Winter Faire at Sunrise Waldorf School.

I love living outdoors, and it is interesting how your creativity changes along with your environment.
I set up my full dye/felting studio outdoors- yes, complete with a feltmakers prerequisites- espresso pot, and bottle of wine!
We did bring only the necessities with us in our move- Chainsaw, grain mill, two boxes of wool and dyepots!

I did a lot of felting outdoors in the rain- something I would never have done before. It was gently raining and when I thought about it- I didn't really mind. I recognized that I'd much rather be felting in the rain, than sitting under a shelter wondering what I was going to do on a rainy day. It felt so good to recognize the pleasure I was getting out of my activity. I think that my work for that day was embued with a special kind of energy that I hope the recipient can intuit in some way.  I made a dozen new gnome houses (no pictures of these as they are part of a new project I am working on!) plus two playmats, as well as several pounds of plant dyed yarns and locks. The storytelling came so easily as I worked outdoors, and each of my finished pieces will now come with my own children's story connected to it, for inspiration.  So while working in the rain, I was inspired, found pleasure in the moment, did some of my best work, and had a great idea for future projects.
And all of theses pieces sold within the first few hours of the Faire!

Here are some pictures of our makings...

Cianan working on his wooden duck

Plant Dyed Wool locks

Plant Dyed Wool Yarn

Finn's Wooden Lion

Feltmaking in the rain on my wooden tree trunk table

All that being said- I am happy this week to be moved indoors, and be working inside.
But it is so important to stretch our boundaries from time to time; to stretch our senses and appreciation for our surroundings.

Warm wishes,

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