Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Knitting is Love..."

Sometimes, as the makers of many gifts, we don't often receive many handmade gifts ourselves. Maybe the people around us think we could/would just make it for ourselves, or maybe they are intimidated to give their own creations to the ones that always make to give to others. Of course we love receiving materials and kits for making, and all the other well thought out gifts we receive- it is just more a thing of curiosity.
  It was after having a conversation on this topic with my dear fiber friend, Carol Secord, that our new tradition of making for the makers originated. Carol gave me this beautiful mohair overlay than can be worn as a "overlay" or overskirt.  She calls the design Naturally Neve. It is a quick knit, in the round, using mohair yarn on bottom in stocking stitch, and superwash merino on top in 2x2 ribbing to hold the neckline/waistline in

I just can't call it a poncho- there has to be a new name for these sleeveless one piece toppers with no front opening or closures!   Somehow poncho just conjures up all sorts of retro images, not all good ones!  

Women stop me to complement my Naturally Neve every time I wear it.  And Salt Spring Islanders have a well developed aesthetic with the multitude of artists and crafts people that live here.  As one woman at the Beaver Point Craft Show said " It is perfect! You can wear it with anything, over other layers. But it isn't really a poncho- I love it!" 
I love that with each wearing I am reminded of my friend, Carol. As my neighbour, Amy Melious  said, "knitting is love". And that is what handmade gift giving is all about, whether you are the recipient or the maker.

Living Crafts Fruit Basket by Nicole Spring
On this same topic, I recently received this note from Tracy, a member of last years Living Crafts Ornament Exchange,   "I was thinking about our ornament exchange last year and how wonderful it was to get a present just for me--usually as Mom's we are doing all the present giving.  I was wondering what you thought about posting to see if some of the mamas would want to do a one:one exchange.  We could make a list of those who were interested and make it so we each craft one ornament and send it on to the next person.  We could each take care of the postage and have an arrival date of no later than Jan. 6--Three Kings Day.  That would give us lots of time and we would all have a special gift just for us to remember our swap.  Thoughts?"
Upcycled Bird by Rachel Patton


 This email launched our One year Anniversary Ornament Exchange. We are each making just one ornament for one person. 
Just one for the pleasure of making something to make another Mama (and her family) smile! It's a nice way to re-connect, and add one more ornament to our collections....and almost all of the participants from last year are taking part- because as much as we all love making and giving, we also love receiving a handmade token from another. As makers we recognize and  appreciate the time, love and attention that goes into each step.
"Knitting is love." And so is felting, stitching, carving and sanding....and we all need some of that!

Warm wishes,

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