Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Inspirations 1

 There are many things that inspire me- some obvious, some surprising...I've made scarves based on  napkin patterns, dyed wool based on a corner of a painting, and made many textural works based on nature studies.
  I keep folders with different types of images, that I can refer to for particular projects, use as jumping off points to expand my creative scope, bring to workshops to see what others may find in them....someday I plan to print them all out, alongside the work they have inspired.
When your mind is open, it is amazing the things that jump out at you as great impressions. Each Monday I'll be sharing my weeks collection with you. I'd love to hear about what inspires you!
 Amazing shapes within things within the cold mass....This is a pattern form I could envision in felt, or jewelry, with metal, felt and stones.....or maybe shibori on silk....I love this....
 Beautiful Arbutus/Madrone. Color combinations, layers....maybe silk crinkling over much much is revealed....where does it stay attached, in what direction does it move....
 This is the same tree. I like the growths on it, and the way that changes the patterns of the bark....
 This reminds me of a silverback gorilla.I's odd...but I kept thinking that looking at the tree! In the twist of the bark is a shine of silver. I like the texture of this. It could be created in felt- maybe Nuno....It would be a good surface to incorporate into larger felt pieces...and the color shifts would be good to keep in mind generally. Embroidery to create the surface tension....or resists in feltmaking....direction of the movement of the bark...
 This tree is one of those ancients that are just so filled with life. The textural or color juxtapositions of the red peeling bark, golden silky smooth underlayer and deep brown gnarls is quite exciting...and the way small sections of red remain standing out on the gold...the drift of clouds or islands....patterning....

Ahhhh...Arbutus...I can't get enough of them....they remind me of the eucalypt forests of Australia....on this walk we were looking around us and said to each other- what country are we in? Red- Vermillion- Life... it always comes back to that.  Love the contrast of colors here, and the little bit of silver shag from the old bark....Thinking knitting, but not yet sure how that might manifest....

Monday  Inspirations...a great way to start the week....please share yours also!
Warm wishes,


  1. Oh my how beautiful each picture is, and, yes, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks Sheeps and Peeps!
    I'll add my weeks collection every Monday. I'd like to share with others a way of looking at the world, and I think it will also give me an interesting creative focus for the week! I just visited your website and store- beautiful farm and beautiful wools!I love BFL...for everything!

  3. great post!! those textures and colors are amazing and inspiring, to be sure! looking forward to more of these.