Friday, December 24, 2010

Tree Project- ready for the holidays!

  Ahhhh...the tree is fully alight now that we have reached the Winter Solstice. From December 21st on, we will light one less candle on the tree each night, as the days get longer....even if only by moments...
  We didn't bring our candle clips with us, but I found some beautiful ones second hand that I love even more then the ones we have stored away. I'm so happy to have them- the candles and their light is my favorite part of the tree decorating, and once lit, they generate such a peaceful ambiance for our evening activities. It's amazing how much light is cast, just by the candles. Enough for me to knit by one night...and that was so soul soothing- everyone in bed, just sitting quietly in the glow, knitting...Perfect!
Since my last post, we made two more sets of ornaments. First the Paper Folded Flowers, and then our wool felt ornaments, each individually designed. These are made with our Hand Dyed Wool Felts.
We sit at the table, with warm tea and homemade cookies- absolutely essential to the designing process! We each draw what we want our ornaments to be. Then refine them to become paper patterns.
We trace the patterns carefully onto the wool felt using either a soft pencil (4B is good) or a sharpie marker.
We sew the two layers together, using either blanket stitch or running stitch.
The Gingerbread Chicken is sewn together around the edges using running stitch, in white, to look like an icing detail.
The Felt Star Cut-out is sewn with blanket stitch, to make a neat edge, before adding beads for a little sparkle. Last of all the hangers are sewn in place- just a simple embroidery floss loop, ready to hang!

The Wool Felt Fairy has a special story that I will share tomorrow, along with the patterns for each of these.
We didn't make anywhere near as many ornaments as I thought we would. Our tree projects days drifted into one another, as each day passed, full of other activities and engagements. This is as many ornaments as we will be able to make this year....and it is enough. With the beautiful cross stitched cards my mother makes holding special places on the tree; with our handmade ornaments and our candles alight; our tree looks full and joyous.  Full of shared experiences, light and warm wishes from family near and afar....Warm wishes, I share with you, and your families.


  1. your tree is beautiful, fiona! i have never experienced real candles on a tree. it must be so magical! merry christmas to you!!!

  2. Thanks Rae! We've used candles since we first started having our own tree- I couldn't imagine it any other way! Merry Christmas to your and your family also, Fiona

  3. Now that is a most beautiful Christmas tree!!!
    Real candles wow! I love it.