Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tree Project

  So we've just moved 5000km (3000miles) and we did bring only our absolute essentials. The things that make life pleasurable, and a place feel like  a few toys and books, a chainsaw, our grain mill, two big boxes of wool, and espresso pot, all our cast iron know...the things you really can't live without!
  One of the boxes left behind ( for now) is our treasured box of Christmas ornaments.  Luckily I packed the Wool Felt Star pieces I designed for this seasons Living Crafts Magazine:

I knew we would want a few holiday decorations to warm up whatever place we found ourselves in for December. I never really thought much about Christmas trees and dressing them up.

In keeping with tradition we got our tree for St. Nicholas Day, and thanks to these Living Crafts pieces our tree is not entirely bare and forlorn, but definitely looks like it needs to be celebrated a bit more with some hand crafted ornaments.

We made a pledge to ourselves that everything we purchase or make here for our home must be the thing we have always dreamed of having. It has to be the *right* piece, not just something that will do in the meantime.  We're not in a rush- we are going to love each and every item we bring into our home.

On each day of the coming week, we will be making an ornament each to hang on our tree, most with tutorials to share. Please join us as we gather to make our tree resplendent, day by day....
Warm wishes,

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