Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wool Roving PomPoms

I have been making these wool roving pompom's for years- and I love them!
They are so fast and easy to make, and have lots of great craft applications!

Materials to make each pompom:
12 inches ( 30cm) wool roving, or about 0.2 ounce (5 grams)
12 inches (30cm) wool yarn
sharp scissors

Time for the project:
pompoms: 10minutes each
finger knitting-1hour+
finishing:15 minutes

Age suggestion:
3+ with assistance
7+ on own
Start off with 12 inches (30cm) wool roving. It is important to use wool roving for these, as the fibers need to aligned in order to make a great pompom and to hold together. Wool batting will fall apart.
Hold one end of the wool in place with your thumb, and wrap around four fingers, with fingers slightly spread open.

Tie tightly between middle fingers with wool yarn. An extra pair of hands makes this much easier!

Cut open fibers at ends.
Fluff up the wool roving by gently pulling open the fibers to make it more of a ball shape.

"I think mine will be a big, shaggy ball!"
"I think you should keep it that way- I like it!"
And then the inevitable happens- wool roving pompom conkers!

Trim all around the pompom with scissors. Be careful not to cut the yarn ends!
You can get a very smooth surface on these balls of fluff, if you take some trim in trimming them.
Keep the trimmings as these can be great for other projects, like wet felting or as stuffing.

And you can mix up the colours of roving that you use to make multicolour pompoms.
Fluffy wool lovelies!

 To make these into a garland, finger knit,cork or knit I-cord with bulky wool.

We used our own plantdyed felted yarns for the finger knitting. Each length is about 12 feet  long, but you can make these in any length to suit your space.

Tie on the pompoms through the loops in the yarn. Knot well and then tie ends into bow for a little extra flourish.We tied one on each end and then one every 24inches.

These make a great garland for any festive celebration: hung over a window or doorway, or decorating a plant or tree!

Happy making!


  1. Beautiful! I was looking for a craft for our lessons today and this is it--thank you!

  2. I wonder how well they would hold up on skates? Fun to try- or two together as a zipper pull?
    They make such perfect fluffballs!

  3. I love these. And I ADORE the hats the kids are wearing.

  4. Thanks so much! The hats are a pattern I am working on! Thanks for the reminder- I should dig out my notes and get that together! The boys wear those hats all the time!