Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love Gnomes- Giveaway Results

 Thanks so much for all your comments! I wish I could give you each a gnome or kit!
It has been really helpful for me to hear that you like having such detailed instructions. Sometimes when I am writing them, for here, or my articles,  I feel like I may be including too much, or that maybe some steps are self-explanatory. I'm glad to hear that these can be helpful, and, if you already are familiar with the craft, you can just skip over the instruction. Thanks for your feedback!

 I've used to help me pick the comment numbers...and after much counting and recounting to be sure I had it right!
Gijs in Holland
Crazy Gecko in England 
CrazSquaw in Oregon
and Rosina in BC

Send me an email, and let me know if you'd like a kit to make your own, or a finished Love Gnome, and your mailing address!

Warm wishes,
mail at


  1. I absoluely love these and am so happy for the people that won!

    I just wanted to let you know that I just wrote about Living Crafts magazine on my blog and linked to yours too!

  2. Hi Fiona :) Thank you so much for the wonderul giveaway! I just emailed you my information and I can't wait for one of your little love gnomes to arrive :)

  3. Hi Rosina! Congratulations! Thanks for sending your info-I'll get your little Love Gnome in the mail to you on Tuesday! warm wishes, Fiona

  4. WOW...I just found this, so sad I missed my winning!! :( Still love them!

    Becki aka crazsquaw