Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Inspirations 2

Oh My! A whole week has gone by, with a little bit of making, a lot of dyeing...and much festivities! Now we are here in a new year/ a new space, and it is important to work with that germination energy. I have my big plan for 2011, but I need to break it down and chew on it, and make it more manageable. To pay attention to each stage between here and realization.  This weeks images make me reflect on this, and then lead me on a wild path into the fantastical with some storytelling inspirations.
 Collecting American chestnuts to germinate and propagate. They are so rare in North America.  This was taken on New Years Day...all about starting fresh, planting new seeds, new ideas, new visions. Connected to reclaiming our history, exploring our stewardship of the natural world....
 And what texture! Seeds are incredible. Often so prickly/poisonous/ hard/ impenetrable, but always with some key relationship that unlocks their potential.
 These two trees I think of as the twins.  Ancient characters from a fairy tale. Paired but unique. Two old sisters locked in an eternal conversation. Storytelling is important to my creative process. Everything we make can have a story attached; our own personal one, someone else's or something magical or mythical. Letting the stories flow inspires all sorts of ideas for new work, seeping into and enriching writing, knitting, felting, and living.

A remnant of bull kelp washed onto the beach.... The mermaid's doll....Isn't she sweet? Oh, what a children's story, maybe about the boy who finds the mermaid's doll and has to find a way to return it...
Awareness and Relationships: The stone above is so much larger, but is supported only by the small stone. The space in the middle exists only because the small stone is there....and the small stone is only able to sit suspended, because the larger stone holds it ....
 These are little cubby holes cut into the rocks by small stones and the elements. Small forces acting on a large one. Miniature cliff dwellings, where some life still finds it's place... And reminded me of a great project I plan to initiate this year...Story trails, a journey on which each person creates their own stories based on the characters and tools placed at each stage, their own relationship to them and the elements in that moment and how they are affected. These will be shared in a public art display. I must hold the vision of this and get to work! It's keeping me awake at nights!
And this tree has so much life and texture... It was starting to get dark, so the light is not so good...but interesting how that one tree in the background is illuminated. Good image for storytelling or artwork....subtly highlighting the otherwise unobtrusive object....And an a magical note, the creatures that must live in these burls! What did the tree experience to become this shape, and what could these protrusions hold? Wonder!

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  1. Thanks for this inspiration. My intention for today is to look at things deeper and notice in awareness the stories that surround me.