Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Inspirations 3

This weeks inspirations are quite simple...the inspirations of everyday objects that surround us...
 Several year ago, I traded some of my work for these cups at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Trading at shows is an all time favourite activity, and these cups are one of my treasures. When I have them available, I use them everyday, for every beverage.. they take me from morning coffee to mid morning tea, to water, water, water, to  an after dinner wine.  My partner, very thoughtfully, packed these to bring out west- I was so surprised when we unpacked them. So touched that he thought to pack some of my "pretty" things.  I had been wishing I had just one of them here, as they make me happy, everytime I use them.
 I've been thinking about the colours and patterning on these all week. Wondering how I could reproduce the surface effect in felt. I could use prefelts and cut out these designs, then felt to a complimentary or contrasting colour. This would be amazing on a wrap, scarf, hat, purse.....curtain, pillow cover, blanket......background for a felted tapestry....Oh! And jewelry! I was kept up late in the night one night, thinking about bib style necklaces, and earrings and bangles!  I would like to figure out how to keep some of the surface texture evident on the cups-to get this impression to stand out a little from the background surface. I'll have to experiment. I plan to make some of these designs this week, but which one first?
  Usually I love bold, bright, clear colours- crayon box colours,  as my friend, Jenny Walker pointed out to me. But with these I started to also appreciate the more feminine. The softness of the design and colour. These are the colours of Araucana eggs- always our favourites. Muted blues and greens, lovely alongside our warm brown eggs. These remind me to not get stuck... to play with different styles- trying them on and seeing how they fit.
And they remind me to pay attention to our everyday items. What items do we forget to see and what can we find in them to inspire us? We can surround ourselves in  beauty with even the most simple object, if chosen carefully can add so much to our days. 
Warm wishes,


  1. The cups are beautiful. A small thing of beauty that brings pleasure just to see and use. Do you recall who the creator was?

  2. Thanks, Vickie.
    I have the ceramics artist's card somewhere...almost certainly in a box in a bottom of a pile...I've been trying to remember and find their names (they are a couple in Toronto) online, but haven't found them yet- if I do, I'll post it!