Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Inspirations 4

There is a special spot here on the island (one of many!) , that I like to go to for a little happiness jolt, and a reminder to explore my other senses, beyond the visual. I walk down this road, stop, close my eyes and just listen.  To all the different layers of song. It is magical.

First I close my eyes and just take in the sounds as they come, trying to hear more deeply as I become accustomed to the sounds.
Then I listen with less focus and allow visual images to pass through my mind. What does each experience cultivate? And this time with this auditory experience? Each time I revisit a spot, the images are different. 
And lastly, I think about how I can bring this experience into my work. Not necessary directly with sound, but is there something in what I heard and visualized  that I can use to add another layer to my creation. Emotion, movement, colour, image?

There are many different auditory experiences with which we can explore this exercise. Waves crashing, a summer meadow, the seeming silence of fresh snowfall, a waterfall, grasses blowing, wind, a choir in full song, the interplay of voices in the coffeeshop.Oh! and one of my favourites that I will miss here- that magical sound from when the ice is clearing from the frozen lakes and rivers. As the ice crystals break apart, they fall on one another, creating the most magical tinkling...It's an elusive sound- hard to catch as it only happens for a few days each year...but is so worth the search, like ice fairies playing a delicate crystal xylophone...

I've included the video with my happiness spot so you can try it out, at least in a small way....I'd love to hear where you find your own special sound places!
Warm wishes,


  1. What a wonderful audio clip. Sounds like outside my front door during the spring time. :-)

    The places I enjoy for sound....My own property. Living rural affords me the opportunity of so many sights and sounds. Every day is the same (like the cattle down the road 'going off' at 6pm every evening lol), and different, if I just take the time to listen.

    I also enjoy visiting a local state park. It's full of so much visual, as well as audio stimulation.

  2. Hi Carole, thanks for your comment! It is such a joyful sound!

    It is so wonderful that your own place is one you can take so much pleasure in.

    In our last home, our field backed onto a field of a small dairy farm- and we loved that time of the cows "coming home"! We'd often be sitting under our giant ash tree in the late afternoon, and say to each other- oh- it must be 6:00pm- here are the cows! Lovely to share that experience with you!
    warm wishes,