Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Inspirations 5

I had  a dream last week about the most beautiful red roving. I can't actually remember the context or anything else about the dream, but it was one of those" just waking up" with lots of ideas moments.....and it was red. Vermilion and crimson and scarlet. Warmth.
I dyed some beautiful merino rovings in this red combination....these will be available in my shop later this week. It was a great exercise recognize and catalogue with photos some of the beautiful colours of warmth in our home. Searching out one colour, both in large form and tiny detail.

 For a long time, I used only colours as close as possible to those I was seeing in nature. I always felt though some spark was missing. The pieces felt a bit flat and dull. It's hard for me to believe I was afraid of colour in my work, but maybe that was a part of it. I was always toning down and muting, and therfore creating something I was not statisfied with. And no wonder- I wasn't letting the colours flow to their fullest potential.  

 One day, I woke up ( like I did to this red wool!) and decided to "pump up" my colour spectrum. Everytime I reached for a colour of wool, I moved my hand to the next colour- one that was a little more intense. Instead of pale blue for a sky, I chose turquoise; instead of pine green, I chose kelly green: instead of lemon, practicing this  intensification I started to create the work I had always envisioned, but had been missing. After a time of working with colours in this way, we can pick and chose the right moments and places to let the colours sing. Sometimes we want the more quiet tones- with just a hint of brilliance and intensity to bring the whole work to life.
 For this week I am celebrating colour and warmth....and playing with colour outside of our usual comfort zone.  I'm going to make a scarf in this gorgeous red, and a small wall piece. I'll post pictures of these once they are complete.
warm wishes,

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  1. wowzers, Fiona. Another great coincidence! I was just thinking about colour today and how wonderfully coloured our world is. Imagine living in black and white world? I love how working while working things seem to magically happen. At first I am not sure where I am going and all of a sudden I get swept up and things seem to create themselves. It's almost as though I am not the creator but the transender. That is the magic of the creative process. Love your posts.