Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the old...

I have a favorite bag, and it is much too big...I had to come to terms with this the other day when I went into a bookstore to buy some knitting magazines and spent 10 minutes at the cash register trying to find my wallet in amongst the great plethora of flotsam and jetsam that is my bag contents! I never did find my wallet- I had left it at home, but couldn't tell....time for a change!
The absolute necessities I have been carrying with me everywhere for the last three months: plastic foam wrapping- ideal for felting resists and handily acquired from some curbside recycling,  a small ball of wool left over from a hat project knit in...ummm....August! Some more wool from a knitting project finished in October. Several empty bags that once held muffins, a shopping list for a wholesale wool order from Europe, a package of safety pins, two tubes of lip gloss- necessary because I couldn't find one, so probably thought I needed one and bought another! Several magazines- up to and out of date! A lid for a traveling coffee cup I no longer have.  Blank books, and no longer blank books. Pretty shells, unopened but paid bills- the wonders of internet banking! Lists of materials I needed to get ready for a workshop...well... lists and lists really- I love a list and there is  a great collection of them in here.  A handful of pens so said lists can be made anywhere and anytime. There's more but I'd have to dig...and surely that is enough!  Time for a smaller bag.....
 These are my only "true" essentials. The only things I ever actually take out of my bag after they have been put in! So my new bag only needs to be of a size that can hold this....and no more.... I did the math, made a template, with the conveniently close at hand plastic foam from above...complete with an inner pocket to hold and protect my phone...and thought about what I wanted to experiment with- protrusions and nuno felting with dupioni silk.
 To make the small openings I wrapped coins in layers of wool roving, then covered them with the main wool color. I almost want to leave them in, as I love the way they look- like shisha embroidery with a twist. That lead to a new idea- I'm working on a knit/felt pattern for a change purse! I did want to see the colours inside the little cavities, so pulled the coins out and felted some more.  The wool had a hard time passing though the dupioni. I was very surprised at this. I am using C1 Norwegian wool, which I thought would migrate well through the silk, and the dupioni has a relatively open weave.   It did eventually connect and produced a great surface texture.
 I also used some pieces of a patterned silk scarf from a thrift shop and some silk gauze. The C1 just ate those both up! But still gives hints of silk lustre and patterning.
I'll be adding some beading and surface stitching to this to finish it off, and enhance it's watery world feel.   Even with all my measurements, it's still a little big for my purpose, so this felt bag may find a home somewhere else, and I'll get to make another one!
Warm wishes,

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  1. such a scrumptious bag!! i love, love, love how that felt turned out!