Saturday, February 12, 2011

Felting Surface Design- books

  I meant to add these Felted Surface Design books into my post yesterday, but forgot- so here they are!
These are books on my wishlist. I don't yet have them on my bookshelf-or even more likely-in a box...but someday I think they will make it there! Hopefully to a bookshelf- I'm done with moving boxes! Most of our belongings have been in boxes since 2000, when we went camping in New Zealand and Australia for a year with our (then very) little ones.....that's long enough!

Back to beautiful books....Mmmmmmmm........

These are both in German, but are mostly filled with pics- and very inspirational they are too...
I had the chance to see them in person while visiting New England Felting Supply last summer.
I had a definite budget on that visit, so couldn't buy everything my heart (and fingers and eyes) desired, but did buy this book:

I wasn't going to include this one here, but coming across it again...I had is so beautiful and inspiring. Enough so, that it made it through the strict assessments of what books would make the first cut for the trip out west. Again it is in German, but mainly pictures- full of warm toned felt garments. It sits on the side table, where I do a lot of my work....and gently whispers to me...
   I purchased this book while in New Zealand at a fibre arts book store, Minerva ....Yes.  You did read that right- a whole bookstore devoted to fibre arts....I left my family at the museum and ran to the Cuba Mall so I could spend every available minute exploring the shop...and purchased this book.  When we traveled across Canada in 2009, I used India Flint's techniques to create a plant dyed fibre "track" of our journey through the provinces on prefelt, silk, and cotton muslin. One day these will become a coat...but for now they wait in a box, back in Quebec.
This is my plant collection/layout for British Columbia
Oh! I am digressing into my favourite fibre arts books....and that is another post! The first two were the ones I wanted to, sculptural, informative, eye candy books. the kind of book we need to see every once in a while to break ourselves out of our regular patterns....

I know what Monday's inspirations are going to be....lots of images of sculptural felt...the collection is already underway...and my craft plans are running wild!
warm wishes,


  1. I have to concur with your esteem of Ecocolor...I purchased that book a few months back, and was enormously impressed...I am calling it my new "go-to" reference for dye/surface design...I have a garment soaking in frozen dye-bath on my back deck, as I speak!. Never would have considered over-wintering a I guess we will see. I love the examples of impressions from nature on cotton,silk, bamboo etc... I will be trying some of those as soon as we have the weather. Have fun with your experiments...and photos please!


  2. Oh! Sidonie- How nice to see you here! We really are kindred spirits- are we not?!
    I left some of my Eco- Color impressions wrapped up for a year...ummmm...mostly because I kept forgetting about them! I let them dry out, and then pulled off the (by then) well dried plant matter. It is fun....I must have pictures somewhere in this computer! I'd love to see pics on how your frozen works come out.
    And we can grow eucalyptus here- I'm so excited!
    Warm wishes,