Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making Prefelt Tutorial at Living Crafts

 Living Crafts is featuring a tutorial I have written on making your own prefelts. If you've ever been curious about prefelt, or just would like to find out more- head over for a visit to the Living Crafts Blog  and say hello!

These are so easy to make- and add so much to your felting repertoire! I made and used some just this weekend, while making my new Purple Scarf.
This tutorial was written as a companion to the article on Prefelt that I wrote for the Living Crafts Fall 2010 issue.  
Red Rock Prefelt Scarf, as seen in Living Crafts Fall 2010
The article discusses prefelt and how to use it and includes four projects ideas- making a hat, a scarf, a wrap and placemats- a great felt craft when working with children!

 Prefelts are not necessarily something you use on their own (although you can!), but shine out for getting crisp, clean lines for cut out patterns when applied to wool roving or batting layouts, or onto larger sheets of wool prefelt.

 This article was a fun one to work on- as well as challenge! Magazine deadlines come up well in advance of print time, and the main article was written in September 2009, while we were camping our way through the Canadian Rockies. A true testament to how easy prefelts are to work with!
New England Felting Supply supplied the beautiful materials, and  I felted my way through the beautiful ( and very cold!) surroundings! Ooooo...just looking at the pictures reminds me of cold nights in a tent in Alberta, hand sewing the last details on these projects....of stunning scenery, and of how amazing the wool prefelts are to work with!
at a campground in the Kootenays, finishing the River and Branch Prefelt Wrap

If you do any wet feltmaking, prefelts are definitely a technique you must try!

Decadent Fibers have generously sponsored a giveaway that you will find at the end of the tutorial, ending  8 p.m. EST, Tuesday, March 1, 2011.  Their fibres are out of this world- hand dyed in lovely, luscious colors. 
Good luck with the draw!
If you have any questions about using prefelt- please just ask!
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  1. gorgeous scarves Fiona! And I love the little placemats to :) I was just ahhhing and ooohing over the photos from your wet felting class you shared a few days ago. All of those wonderful pieces and those adorable little hidden pockets! I'm going to have to check out your links to see where I can find some larger batts of wool. All I have are little rovings which I'm having a ton of fun with wet felting small things with right now but I want to go bigger *grin*. Have a great week!

  2. Wow, Fiona, I love your story of felting and camping, maybe I might too enjoy camping again! As a homeschooling mom of an 8yo and 2 yo I have plenty of excuses why I don't get to my creative projects. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Thanks, Rosina! The placemats are such a great project when working with children. You could use any kind of shapes, for any season- it would be a great party activity too! You can do everything with rovings- it just takes a little longer to lay everything out- but I do appreciate that time is something we don't always have lots of! If you have any questions, while working on a bigger piece, please feel free to contact me!

  4. Thanks, Sue! We do travel with a rather odd assortment of bits and pieces! Can't leave the house without a box of wool...just in case! For me, my creative projects are what allow me to be a homeschooling Mom! Especially of three boys- I'd go a little crazy if I didn't make that time to create, and I do let that time get in the way of doing some of the other things I need/want to do! Warm wishes,