Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Inspirations 6

 While we were in New Zealand, my sons took a wilderness awareness class. It was a wonderful way to learn more about the very different natural world surrounding us, and they loved it!  One of the exercises was to walk through the forest, slowly, with your eyes closed, and try to sense the living things around you, and therefore find your path and not walk into obstacles. It is an exercise in heightened awareness; in paying attention with more than our five senses, while also strengthening those senses beyond our sense of sight.
 On a hike recently, one of my sons suggested we do this again, here in our new environment. He amazes me sometimes with his solidity, faith and positive awareness.  What a good idea to do this now in this new place.   It takes quite a bit of nerve to actually close your eyes and move forward. Which is, of course, something we run into often with our creating. Creating takes courage. To do something a little different, to stand out on a limb and put ourselves and our work forward can be quite intimidating, but we have to take that leap of faith; that our work is good, and is wholly of ourselves and deserves to be out there in the world. Then we need to find and nurture an inner faith that we can make beautiful, useful and inspiring creations.
  This is also the next step in the awareness exercise; after the first few tentative steps, we must slow down and listen our our inner voice that will lead us well and correctly.
 There are other inspirations or lessons to find in this exercise. A greater awareness for our surroundings; the smells, sounds, tastes, feel on our skin. An awareness of the life forces of the of the eco system- both individual and collective.  But for today my main inspiration comes from that first step through the darkness.
 Sometimes we need to practice this more often than at other times.   Right now, everyday has me oscillating from one part of this exercise to the next-in order to keep going forward.  The leap of faith to keep taking the steps, to the conscious reinforcing that I can do this...I can keep moving along this creative path....although sometimes I might go off the track, or bump into the occasional tree!  This is keeping my breathing regular, and getting the work done and the plans made...
If we pay attention, and listen inwardly with intent, we can navigate any terrain with grace.
warm wishes,

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