Saturday, February 26, 2011

Purple Days

 It is all about PURPLE these days. Sometimes color just happens that way! This purple session has been building every since I wrote about RED.  As much as I am in love with that color, and that wool roving, immediately after writing about red, I started to think about purples, so I guess the idea of color was inspiring after all!  Finally, this week, purple got to manifest itself- fully and completely!
 I started off by overdyeing a cardigan I knit a few years ago. This was my travelling cardigan from 2008- the wool I brought with me from Canada, Mission Falls; the buttons I bought on a wonderful fibre stop in Taos, New Mexico at LaLana Wools;  I knit it, sitting beside our warm fireplace in a little cabin on a sheep farm in New Zealand! Each part holds such strong memories of different parts of our trip.
I love the shape, style and design, but after a few years of fairly constant wear, the color had faded a bit, and I wanted to refresh it. As Graham  said, "Some people just wash their clothes, you wash them and they come out a different color!". It's a fun way to refresh one's wardrobe. And always other items find their way into the dye pot (Often other people's socks! They just need a little brightening up!)
 I made a quick dash into Stitches, my LYS and go-to source for all things yarn, fabric, and stitchery in general. They didn't have the color I was looking for in the iDyes- violet (new order on it's way as we speak!) so I purchased both lilac and pink, thinking I would mix them up a little. I ended up just using the lilac, and I love the finished color. Identical to the picture on the packet. I've used the iDyes a few times for dyeing cottons, and quite like them for their ease of use.

 Yay! The "new" cardigan! The blue overdyed the pinks into lovely purple shades, and the oranges a brown- perfect!  I could have removed the buttons, but I did want them to take a up a little of the blue tone from the dye. Already the cardigan has gone from the corner of my closet to being worn regularly- a successful clothing renovation!
  I had a batch of organic merino wool scoured and ready for dyeing with natural indigo on the next warm day. My family have (quite rightly) banned me from dyeing with indigo inside.  Those of you who have smelled it will be very empathetic, I'm sure! But I've had this idea brewing for a fair isle girl's dress/tunic, and in my mind- the one I want to make is purple. The idea just won't rest, so the yarn that was to be blue is now a warm lilac color, and ready to be knit into the new design-as soon as I can grab a few hours away from felting!
 Also into the dyepots went some silk gauze and silk organza for nuno felting. Remember that wool roving I dyed in shades of purple? Well, it has finally been made into one of the scarves I have been dreaming about.

I used Sachiko Kotaka's methods of  Ori-kiri felt on this. I love using her methods and building up layers and layers of felt and silk cut-outs. The white prefelt flower at the front is more bold than I might want it to be for this scarf. A little over dyeing may come into play here! I like to use this method with similar tones of colors, using different fibres, so the textures are subtle but have depth. The scarf is shaped like a triangular shawl, with long attached felted cord ties that wrap around. It can be worn like a scarf, a shawl or as an overskirt.
 It just happens to go so well with my "new" cardigan (and dress that made it into the dye pot too!) that I may just have to keep this one. I have a couple more felting projects that must be finished- two more nuno scarf designs, yet to be started, and there is a new felt bag-and two change purses, felted and drying, just waiting for final shaping and embellishing...and then I can turn my attention back to the lovely lilac wool yarn. It's almost like having little fibre children in all the corners of the house, all crying out for more attention, all at the same time! How can I appease them all at once? Each has unique needs, and it's own personal beauty; each needs only a little gentle handwork to fully realize it's potential! Patience, patience...
What is your color this week?
Warm wishes,

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  1. I remember this sweater-The Bianca's Jacket. One of my favorites! It was on my list to knit when you came to my home to teach your dyeing class. I admired it so much! It looks just as lovely in purple!! Nice job! Btw, two moves later, I just finished my Bianca's Jacket. Still one of my favorites!