Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wool Felt Hearts Tutorial

Living Crafts is featuring my tutorial on sewing wool felt hearts on their blog.
"These wool felt hearts have been a Valentines mainstay in our family for years. The hearts made their first appearance when my sons were quite young, starting a tradition of them coming downstairs in the morning to find a Valentines neck pocket each, hanging in the doorway and filled with little treasures. After discovering what was hidden inside, the boys would wear their hearts as necklaces all day and look more sweet than any Valentines candies have ever been.
We have made variations over the years; quilted cottons; knitted yarns; wet felted wool; folded paper….but always come back to these felt lovelies!"

The tutorial includes the pattern plus instructions on sewing them up to create neck pockets, pin cushions, bean bags and wall hangings. 



  1. i saw your tutorial and fell in love with the idea immediately. children do so love little pockets filled with treasure. thank you for sharing this lovely idea with us.

  2. Oh! Your so welcome Kristin! Thanks for coming by to let me know you saw the tutorial and to say hello! Enjoy the Felt Hearts!