Monday, February 14, 2011

Wooly Wonders

Ah my! What an amazing day- full of woolly goodness!

Most of the dyeing for my shop is done, or at least that is what I am telling myself. I still have 200 skeins of my new worsted wool, plus 30 pounds of both rovings and battings to dye- but we're not paying attention to that at the moment because I can hardly keep my hands off the organic merino yarn- which is a fine thing-  I have about 50 patterns in my head, waiting to be shown to the world. It is so lovely....and I don't mean to be tooting my own horn here- I feel it is like cooking....or any creating really...I have my part in the process, but the finished result is far beyond that and to be marveled over! 
  It is so soft, I took one of my test swatches to bed to lay on my pillow, so I could relish in the comforts of that sweet wool as I fell asleep...It's true...and probably not the first time Graham has woken up to find wool in the bed! Why is it that we don't have gorgeous, beautiful knit pillow covers for sleeping?

I have my own little stash of the organic merino yarn for sampling, and it is one of those yarns you don't want to put down because it feels so good in your hands, as you work.

My first project (and pattern) is knit in simple colorwork. The colors are mixing so nicely and the tonal yarns really come to life when knit, in a way you can not always see when in skeins. I'm keeping the pattern very simple, as I like, and I'm sure many of you do too, to have my knitting be a winding down experience- one I can go to when I want a break, and work on without too much attention, and definitely no angst in keeping up with a pattern. So far, so good.  And I got an unexpected surprise. I love the back of the knitting as much as the front. It looks just like bamboo. I started carrying the yarns differently in different rows to get a slightly more random appearance. This is going to feature in a bag pattern I'm also working on- as of today! 

It was glorious and sunny today, so I also darted outside as often as possible, drying felting mats and sheers, and two more colourways in the merino yarn (will be listed tomorrow!). It was a perfect day for taking pictures, especially of wool, looking pretty in the window.  Our little cabin is full of wool....all stored and displayed as best as possible to be a colorful, pleasing treat for the eyes as you pass through a room.
 And today- on this day of wool and sunshine, my wonderful, talented and ever so supportive Graham worked outdoors making a skein winder- so I can reskein 6 hanks at once. It is marvelous. Wool and Wood have the most interesting relationship. The most beautiful tools for working with wool or made from wood.....plant and and him! Grin!

There is something so calm and pleasing about turning the winder- it brings harmony to the kaos of the freshly dyed skeins.  It is rhythmic and silent and cyclical. It feels so old and so right. The top wheel holds the finished skeins, and has the crank handle- although all the pieces are interchangeable. The bottom wheel spins freely, as the top one is spun. It works perfectly- I can now re-skein 6 hanks in 20 minutes, including loading, untying, retying and unloading. Start to finish- and the yarns look fabulous!  I am delighted!

A wonderful woolly day - I hope your weekend held something as wonderful for you!
warm wishes,

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  1. wow! I love the winder... for me, sadly, I do not have the space :>/ I envy all the time you get to spend on your fiber...I have such a lovely set up to work within, but have to grab snippets of time here and there...(5 children, two of them babies) but I love seeing what you do and feeling connected to others who love the fibers as do I. Nearly shearing time again...and still flogging the remains from last year...( which are actually my best, as I save them for myself to do more dyeing and havent yet used them all) Sounds like you and Graham have a good working relationship...I am so blessed as well, dont know how I would manage without him! Happy wooly adventures!