Thursday, February 17, 2011

works in progress...

  Well, they are really, but I haven't in some ways even started the handwork parts yet!
These works are only at the "added to stash" stages! 

My purples are dry and ready to felt on Saturday. I have a few full days, and won't be able to start until then. I have two new designs in mind for nuno felted scarves, and that's what this purple will become.
 Oh-I love this color mix! This will probably all be used at my Storytelling Carpet workshop on Sunday in the Cowichan Valley.

  Remember how a few weeks ago I was on a search for buttons to cover with fabric?
I have found some blanks, as I really want to make my own, but I just had to buy these ones from AimooBaroo   because the color collections are so similar to the yarns I have been dyeing.  I have no idea how they will be used yet- but I love the softness of the fabric, and the way that each is a little different. The projects will definitely be designed around the buttons! They are amazing- very well made, and so incredibly packaged. I am very impressed.
organic merino-coral and deep madder

organic merino-daffodil

organic merino-blossom

organic merino-grass
My colorwork patterns are coming along well. I hope to have the first cushion finished tomorrow. Last night I dreamt about colorwork swatches and charting- twice. I kept dreaming about different colorways and designs.  Both times I woke up part way through the dream and had to be amused at the idea of dreaming about knitting. I should have jotted down the ideas, as now I have no idea what they might have been!

As usual,  it's past late to something else, and the household is all asleep. Tonight I'll bring my sketchbook with me...just in case!
warm wishes,

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  1. Those colors are absolutely fabulous!

    Love those cool buttons too.