Friday, March 25, 2011

Anemone Felt Scarf

  I was inspired by my tidal pool walk on Monday and found I had both some new fibre on hand plus some free time to just play with felting.
  When I bought the beautiful sea colour blend cashmere at FibresWest, I knew I wanted to felt a cowl with it. Teaching the surface design class last weekend  brought shibori bubbling up to the surface of my creative space, and the sea anemones brought the two together!
  I laid out the wools and cashmere on silk gauze, then lightly felted to the prefelt stage and let it dry overnight.
  The next day was glorious and sunny...perfect for working outside...and that just added to all the good feeling around my felting and "day off"! It was so relaxing, and re-energizing. And I was so happy to be making something without constraints of time, money, or necessity....I stitched designs in wool yarns, and added lots of shibori bubbles. Randomly spaced, sometimes in clusters, sometimes separate, as they are in the rock pools.
  Then I finished fulling it. I love it just like this, without releasing the shibori beads. But on this scarf, the beads needed to be let out- there are surprises hiding inside! Ready? Taa daa!
  I love the vibrancy of these bubbles. I also love it in its quieter version- precutting. The beads could be released form the back instead, leaving the bubbles whole. It would make a beautiful scarf with the shibori bubbles done all in white also....reminiscent of constellations....So much felt to make! Good thing I start selling at the market soon, and in my studio space, so it all can find new homes! For me it is all about the idea, and the making. I don't need to own any piece especially. But I love to play out an idea in 10 different variations of colour and pattern, before moving on.
  The picture above shows the patterning on the reverse side of the shibori bubbles. It's quite lovely and textured...and cashmere...mmmmmm.....
  And here...the cashmere side of the stitch design in detail, and then with the silk gauze side. These stitch patterns really resonate with me, and I feel they'll be showing up a lot in my work. They create senses of pathways, songlines, animal tracks. I have several wall pieces percolating....they will certainly use these lines....
  The cashmere is felted really well, and it is delicious against your skin. I used about 20grams for this scarf, which means I have more than enough to make another....yay!
  A highly wearable and unique scarf. I am thinking that if I am going to put the time into felting pieces, why not let it always be such a pleasure, with a one of a kind outcome...felt less, charge more?
  A perfect spring week...wool, sunshine, creativity, ideas...
Hope you had the chance to make something, just for the love of the making this week!
warm wishes,

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