Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Design Challenges

I realized something about myself today. I love to do anything, as long as there is a creative design challenge involved.

We've just bought a one acre property on Salt Spring Island BC, which has a 1971 trailer home on it. It had been the home to a long term smoker. It didn't have a lot going for it, and the only thing we wanted was for it to be gone.
 So we've spent the last few weeks designing a great, modular, eco- studio- oh so cool! But will cost about $20,000+ to build and that's not counting our (free) labour. And this isn't even our house.  With our very meager building budget, we 've been a bit hesitant to commit.
 Today I was on site, trying to look creatively at the space and make a decision. I think we are good at creative design solutions, but we are really bad at making decisions- one friend said, and as often applies to us, "you got a bad case of possibilities!". Unless, of course, it relates to travelling, and then we can make a decision in a heartbeat...that's just how it is!  So, I was using my imaginative eye and trying to make a decision, and quite unexpectedly, the horrendous trailer home became a gypsy caravan. Or next, and alternate step- a modern, eco space.  Oh Ya! Now that might just be the thing. So we did a rough costing on it- $5000, to completely style up the trailer....and the garage / wood workshop. That's enough to put in the new septic system. Inspiring, eh?

Can we (should we) turn this....

Into this?

Jeanne Bayol's most beautiful Roulottes

or this?
trailer wrap project- mobile home
So different...and each with it's own appeal. This will be the design studio space on the property, that we will stay in, and work in, while we build the house. When playing with designs, the making becomes somehow more than the project itself. It takes the project to a greater level than just straight craftsmanship.  It is all about the challenge of taking something unusual or unwanted and making it beautiful and desirable.
Time to make a decision....I can sense some strong opinions on the horizon!

We're leaving tomorrow for FibresWest- should be lots of felty fun!
Maybe when we get back we'll have made up our minds!
Warm wishes,


  1. i think it's a great idea! to redesign the space into eco-awesome... i mean, that is part of the eco process anyway, right - using what is there already... "up-cycle"?
    and clearly you have the talent for design of that nature. AND it would DEFINITELY be a challenge, which you report to love.
    i think "before and after"s are so particularly rewarding.

  2. Thanks pb! Truth is, we're back from our weekend away, and we're still undecided as to what to do with the appearance! It'll probably be a combination! Our original plan- and could still happen, was to give the trailer away for free, so someone else could make use of it. One way or another some good re-using going on. Today we'll decide- definitely! This is my favourite kind of project- I'll keep you posted!