Sunday, March 20, 2011


  We're back! And Ohhhh! We had so much fibre fun! Well, I should only speak for myself really, but Graham did have a good time talking wool with the ladies while I was teaching my classes, and the boys were so helpful, setting up and taking down displays, making hangtags, doing emergency woodwork, and being my helpers during the classes- with no fights or complaints- so I take that as a major success for all!
  It was so lovely to spend several days surrounded by fibre people. So many wonderful conversations, and beautiful woolworks....
   My classes went very well- lots of fun, lots of felting, lots of inspiring and talented people, and we almost finished on time! 

 These are just a few of the works in progress and finished scarves. As always, such a range of colours and styles- and all so beautiful!
 On Saturday, we were working so intently on our surface design experiments that I didn't get a single picture! But one of my students did, so I hope to be able to share those with you soon. This class was fantastic...zingy with ideas and inspiration....we managed to fit in lots of techniques, while making beautiful felted art cloths. 
  I had the immense pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Lesley and Tina, of Pollika yarns. Two wonderful women, with lots of ideas and energy and smiles!  They came to both of my classes, and we chatted off and on during the show. They carry a beautiful line of undyed yarns, shawl pins, kits, and buttons.
 I made two small and carefully considered purchases at the show. I have so many WIPs here at home- articles and patterns in the works, that I had to be selective.
 When I saw the cashmere roving in Knitopia's booth though, I knew I could not go home without it. And Barbara Walker's books have been on my wish list for years- I'm so happy to see them back in print.  This cashmere is destined to become a felted cowl....maybe tomorrow! It is so divine, it has be used in a project I can snuggle into and touch as much as possible!
 I also really wanted to take some pictures of my booth to show you- the great unveiling! But I was so revved up from teaching and talking wool, I completely forgot! Next time....and there will be a next time. It was such a great environment to be in for two days, thanks to the organizing of Brenda at Penelope Fibre Arts. Congratulations, and heartfelt thanks,  Brenda, on hosting such a fabulous event!
 Warm wishes,

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