Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gratitude Gifts

In 2011 I aspire to make one gift a month for someone special; for a maker in my life that makes for others and may not always receive handmade, and/or for someone who gives willingly, without a thought or expectation.

For March, I made for a friend of many years. Jenny Walker is a talented graphic designer and artist, and has been helping me out with projects for years. Far too often I have called her up or emailed at the last minute in panicked desperation, within days of heading out to a show or exhibit without promotional materials. And she has always stilled my panic and put together beautiful pieces for me. Jenny is also someone who I can talk to and have interesting, diverse, stimulating conversation with...and that is someone to treasure.
 In a thrift shop here on the island, way back in December, I came across this turquoise print silk scarf. It just struck me that this was Jenny, so I bought it, not sure if I would send it to her as was, or add a little something of my own to it. It felt right (tee hee) to add something of myself to it, as it was a gift for her in appreciation of her creative talents.  Finally this week, the scarf had it's turn on the table!
 I added handdyed blue merino rovings, plus some handdyed green and purple prefelt, and some silk organza cut outs. I cut a large hole at one end, for the other end of the scarf to pass through. The other end tapers to a point, and has a felt cord, felted to the end. I left a few small spaces on the edges without wool, so that there would be small ripples showing the original silk pattern.
 And....taa daa! The finished scarf! I love the way the patterned silk changes through felting. 

The scarf is completely reversible, and can be worn wrapped around twice, with only the cord as a hanging tail, or wrapped singly, for a lighter scarf with a long hanging end. It's a fun style to play around with in front of the mirror, as there are lots of ways to wrap it on, and expose different combinations of patterns and solids.

The scarf is in the mail right now- on it's way to Jenny- just making it in time for my March Gratitude Gift! I hope Jenny loves it!
I'm thankful, both for knowing Jenny, and also for having the opportunity to take this time to make something for another maker...It is really a special thing to make something with a particular person in mind. We can't help but think of them, and about all our past experiences together...and I have to believe these emotions become enmeshed in the fibres of our project.
Warm wishes,


  1. Jenny is going to love it!!! Great talent you have Fiona and a big heart :)

  2. A lovely shade of blue;I'm sure your friend will love it.
    I've tried lots of ways of adding text but this is certainly one of the best. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh this is so pretty Fiona!! You are so talented and what a special gift for your friend :)

  4. Thanks so much! As it turns out- Jenny does love it! Yay! She likes it enough to hang it on her wall to look at until she starts wearing it! It feels so good to make something to celebrate someone in this special way; for no special occasion other than in appreciation.
    I'd better get to work on my April Gratitude Gift...where do the months go!

  5. so beautiful!!!gongrats!!!regards from greece!!