Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Inspirations 8

Ah! Spring! A great season for inspiration and motivation!
I walked around our property today, watching for new plant life....looking closely to see who I might have missed, hiding in the dead leaves and undergrowth. The colour collection is surprisingly diverse. Today's walk is about stopping to take a break; paying attention to small details; focusing in on little pleasures.

  Ah! Spring! As simple and obvious as this inspiration is (and what could possibly be wrong with appreciating for a moment any simple and obvious inspiration that we may be overlooking?!), it is also such a joyous, refreshing, time of tremendous change. Our senses reawaken; spring smells- earth and flowers; spring songs- water, birds, frogs; spring feelings- warmth from the sun on our skin, gentle rains, fresh earth; spring tastes- garden fresh greens, asparagus, wild nettles and violets...
 I really needed that break today, both for the time of observation and time away from work (although I do have the best work ever- making things every day!). When I start working towards a goal, I almost never stop, except to take care of the family needs. If it was just me alone, I could work all day and long into the night. I reach my goal or deadline, and then have a great long outbreath of several days or a week, when I do only everyday things (and try to reclaim order after my great explosion of creative activity!). It was a good thing to intentionally stop, and do something different.
I also made a couple of spring purchases, in keeping with the theme of the day. Little things, with bright fresh colours.

 These are so sweet! One for each of my three boys...I think they still need some Spring sweetness as much as I do. And a length of fabric- half price! This I'll be making into outdoor cushions for the deck furniture we don't yet have, that we'll sit in on the deck we haven't yet built. But when we do- we'll have glorious, happy pillows, ready and waiting! Promise pillows....

 I can just feel the cushion behind me now, with a summer sunset on my face, and the glass of red wine in hand...or maybe it's a margharita today. Yes, I think so. But not yet...we are still in Spring, and that is really what it's all about...promise, hope, freshness, change....

Warm wishes,

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