Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday Inspirations 9

 Today it's all about Anemones. Yes, those little sea creatures whose name, once you can say it, is just so fun to say, you have to repeat it!  They are so soft and delicate- flowers of the tidal pools.
The colours within them are so interesting. The predominant ones here, on the edges of this island, are warm, mossy green, with bright coral and pink tendrils.

 They develop great patterns on the pool floors. Different sizes, different spacings, some open, some closed.  That randomness that is so prefect and challenging to recreate.

  In this example I see perfect shibori dye patterns; maybe some discharge dyeing...and, of course, shibori felting...which is where I'm going with this today. This week I have the inspiration from our seaside walk, new fibres (yummy cashmere) and a project in mind- all at the same time. So I'm acting on this serendipity...started today, hopefully finished tomorrow- I'll show pictures as soon as it's dry!
  I've been quite obsessed with anemones as fibre inspiration for a few years now.  It all started in a much bigger way with Anemone chairs (which have not yet been made- maybe a good thing? I don't know....wild can be good for us all from time to time....).  Every time I see them I think of something new to make. They are full of contrasts. So much texture. Their individual structure and their form en masse...Lots to see...
  I'm so pleased to be playing with this today...I wonder where else anemones may take me?
Finished pics this week- definitely!
Warm wishes,

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