Saturday, May 28, 2011

Evergreen Felt Houses

 This week I finished up some pieces for donation to the Evergreen Independent School in Cobble Hill.
  It was so fun making the little home for a gnome! I first made these to sell last fall, and never got any pictures taken of them. Probably because I made them while camping, out in the rain, in late November! I've made them in a variety of sizes and shapes. I love them all.  These little homes will be available for sale again soon, and also as a tutorial and workshop offering. I really enjoy making felt work for storytelling and play. The warm tactile nature of the wool is ideal for inviting and involving children in the story or play. 
  I feel so fortunate to have so many creative outlets for my work. Sometimes I feel like I should be focusing on only one; that I would go further by only pursuing one vein of interest, but I love to do all these things, at different times, and I hope that exploring them changes and deepens and improves the other avenues of making. 
  I make small and large whimsical storytelling  creations for children, parents and teachers. I make felt accessories; scarves, purses, jewelry, clothing, light, soft, feminine and involved for craft shows, galleries and studio sales. And I make an interior design line, with crisp lines, using felt in unusual contexts, with a strong Scandinavian influence.  
  So today I jump from making little gnome houses, to designing a floor covering that is a wood/felt hybrid. I am so excited about the potential in this. It all came together during a conversation on the ferry, after dropping off my donations to the Evergreen School....I could barely stand still- in fact I wasn't. I was jumping up and down and waving my arms! My partner is amazing- he is a brilliant sounding board for creative ideas, and has plenty of his own to add to the mix. We are lucky to have each other!
 Off with my sketchpad and colouring pencils in hand to the property...I hope the Auction at the Evergreen School is going as well as my day is today!
Warm wishes,


  1. Charming! I want to move right in!! :)

  2. So sweet Fiona! But isn't everything you make so? XO

    p.s. I have some pics of Lucian in his beautiful hat to email you <3 Thank you again!

  3. Just enjoy the fact that you have all this creative energy, but especially that your partner shares it with you.

  4. Thanks, Heather and Nicole! Your comments make me smile- I do appreciate them! And Jackie- I really do appreciate how lucky I am to have such a supportive partner. Especially one that will help me cut big holes for felt inserts in sheets of plywood! lol! As we worked on the installation, I was very aware that not everyone gets this kind of support! Life has enough going on to challenge us, and to have to fight for some creative time or to have to defend my making would be intolerable. I hope everyone, at some time, has the chance to follow their ideas surrounded by others who believe in them!
    Thanks for your comments...

  5. Hi Fiona, thanks for visiting me ! Love your blog : the gnomes are so cute! (Have a whole bunch of them made out of félt and I used them on the little table in my classroom that changed with the season, they are kind of on vacation now that I'm retired ;-) ...)

  6. Ooo, just saw the book about Annette Quentin Stoll : was so lucky to have a workshop with her!!!!

  7. Hi Els! Thank you for visiting ME! Most of my gnomes move on to new homes...but sometimes one just needs to stay for awhile and share his magic! You are so lucky to have taken a workshop with Annette Quentin Stoll...maybe I can convince her to come to Canada someday! In the meantime, I'll buy her books and put them on my bookshelf, instead of on my wish shelf! Thanks for coming by!