Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dreaming of...Walled Gardens

This is...oh...was (recently sold) walled garden of a good friend.  I had never really spent time in one before...and they truly are magical spaces. The mass of the stone blocks out the rest of the world....except for whatever is living within the walls...and this takes on a special life...the scents are more fragrant...the conversations more distinct and intimate...Such a space to share tea, knitting, chatting....relaxing....We loved being in.....
....and on this walled garden! He's actually quite high up....a case of holding my motherly tongue and trusting in his instincts and innate sense of balance and self preservation! We went to the walled garden during every free moment we had during our visit...tranquil and calming.
  This morning I woke up....looking up the hill at the site of our future garden...and started dreaming of stone walls....and blooms and birds and fountains....lucky for me, my brother is  a (very talented!) master stone mason....maybe I can convince him to come for a (working) visit!
  It's just so easy to feel special in such a special place.  Maybe because it takes such intention just to build such a monument to peacefulness.....
  It may remain a dream...but it's a nice one!
Warm wishes,


  1. The walled garden pictured is at a friends house that we visited for a month or so in the summer of 2008. The Living Crafts Ornament Exchange Felted Candles were made in this garden, as well as some of the squares for the Living Crafts Heirloom was such an inspiring and peaceful place to make things!

  2. It looks SO peaceful, The Secret Garden (after the restoration!!) :)
    How wonderful to have spent time there...even though it's no longer possible to visit. :(
    ...and are right to trust your son's instincts. Remember, you are practicing for when he's older, when the dangers will be that much greater! XXO-

  3. It's a treat to the senses: sight and smell. The stone walls of the garden contrast to the plant life within, which creates an excellent area for beauty and life to thrive. Indeed, setting a stone or rock wall up for a garden would be a pretty wonderful project.