Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Inspirations 11

  Or...Monday Inspiration 1 revisited!
  It has been an invaluable experience for me to write to Monday inspirations series. It has given me a record of material to draw on for my own work and in reflecting last week on how sometimes I am not looking for new inspirations, I came to a better understanding of the impact seasonal change can have on my creative impulses.
  While building houses, Graham and I have found we needed to schedule in a slowed down period over the peak of winter, and the height of summer. (We didn`t always manage to actually do this- but often reminded each other that we should!)  The extremes act in similar ways upon us. In winter it is a time of introversion and reflection, of cocooning in the cold and long nights. In the summer the heat and humidity similarly quiets us down, finding us sitting under a giant ash tree or on the porch- an extroverted, social time of year, but also one where we chose to do less, enjoy our close to home, look out into the greater world less, and reflect more. 
  It all made sense to me after writing last week that creative inspiration should follow a similar rhythm. In the winter and summer my rhythm finds me looking at my world through different windows, collecting ideas and images. Spring and Fall brings periods of intense activity  and making, not necessarily with the inspirations most recently collected. I think these need this period to sleep. To lie dormant and percolate and germinate, to take on shape and form, and then come to life in the following season, or as the opportunity arsises, when the conditions are just right.  
 This is not about being fixed in patterns...and is not is about understanding yourself and your creative rhythms and then relaxing into them and allowing them to work best for you, rather than struggle against them. Every person will have their own creative rhythm...a way of approaching making in which everything flows and works.
  Last week I had an image from Monday Inspirations 1 absolutely popping in my head! It was truly felt impossible to make anything else and I could barely keep myself from getting out to the felting shed and getting going...
And of this image, came this wool felt bag:

 The front flap of the bag, showing the coloured silk inserts, made using round resists, felting over them, then cutting them out... and little bit of beading...
 I included a few coloured insets on the front under the flap....and a couple on the back...
This bag was a departure from my storytelling felt series...but it just had to happen. 
 Looking at the image, I know there is so much more I can do with it...and I look forward to playing with some of the others collected over the winter...
  And collecting more now, to plant for the next creative season...
Warm wishes,


  1. Hi Fiona,
    Your work is so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing all or your beautiful art and for the tutorials. I always tell people that you are my felting "guru" and refer them to your site. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much Annie! I am so warmed by your words...hearing that you enjoy what I share keeps me writing....more children's tutorials coming soon! Someday I hope we get the chance to felt together again! Love F