Saturday, July 23, 2011

wool share!

I received the most wonderful package in the mail yesterday!
 I entered a giveaway on Heather WoolLove's blog, Wool Love- functional fiber art. Heather is a marvelous feltmaker and very sweet person. I'm so enjoying getting to know her!
She was giving away some of her handspun yarn, and I won some-Yay!
And now it's here...a treasured of those you hold on to for a while and savour the unveiling!
Mmmmm...isn't that yummy?
 So..I'm going to use these in a felting project...surprise..surprise! I'm imagining some kind of fairy world project. There is a kind of magic in these beautiful yarns...I see using these together, in combination....Heather so thoughtfully wrapped the package with a length of silk sari ribbon, definitely to be included with these yarns in my project....they all would also be interesting used as cords on a felted'll be fun to see what they become when it's their turn on the table!
...I think I'll have to hang this loveliness in my studio for awhile and enjoy it's amazing textures and fun colours!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Heather!
And I'd like to pass on this generosity...with a giveaway of my own. Passing on the wooly goodness and creative potential! What will you make? 
I'd like to send someone a wool play pack...

Leave a comment...
And hey! Tell me what you think you might make! Share the word with anyone you think might like to play with wool! And I'll randomly pick a name and send the wool on to you on August 1st.
Warm wishes,


  1. Ohhh, that is some gorgeous wool! I don't know for sure what I would make but it will definitely be needle felted. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm going to share this on twitter!

  2. Allô Fiona,
    I really would like to win that wool and I would make scarves and may be baby sipper.

    Suzanne Skeates

  3. All that pretty wool! What would I make? Maybe a playmat with some of the wool I already have. Those blues would make a beautiful river. The pinks and yellows would make a field of wildflowers. The reds and oranges a cheery camp fire.

    Wow. I think I may have to make that whether I'm lucky enough to win or not! (:

  4. Fiona--You are very welcome!!! I am just so happy that you like the yarn and will find something wonderful to make with it! Getting to know you has been a joy! XXO-

  5. I've been enjoying your blog and work for a while now. Thanks a lot for all inspiration you and your beautiful wool and silk colors have already given me! The wonderful wool you're giving away now would make me a fairy tale story telling mat for my daughters and maybe a felted flower brooch for myself...

  6. yummy yarns you
    won! cant wait to see what you make...please enter me for your giveaway, (I have a photo of those wools that you are giving away set as my desktop background, ;o) ) I think it's likely I would be making playthings for our new little fellow that is due to arrive is just a couple of weeks! <3

  7. Such strong colours. Just perfect for some needle felted fairies i thought I would attempt for Spring. I am only just new to wool fleece and felting this year and Oh! How I'm loving it. Such a beautiful medium. I can understand how so many people have made this an integral part of their lives!

    I am looking fwd to seeing your upcoming creations with your own prize. I find your designs both inspired and truly inspiring ღ

  8. I love the wonderful colours of the wool.They would be such fun to work with.

  9. Hi Fiona,
    These colors are like a felter's dessert, yum! I see butterflies and bubbles and maybe... slippers? I hope when I grow up I will be like you! :)

  10. Hello Fiona
    I have just discovered your beautiful blog but have been a fan of yours via Living Crafts for a few years now. I love the way you use colour! If I won this lovely rainbow would be made into something special for my children - maybe a storytelling wall hanging for the shared sleeping space or something special for baby #4 because every baby should have a few special bits of goodness all of their own. Thanks for the chance.

  11. wow....what a generous giveaway. you are so inspiring! i would like to make a felted bookcover for a friend.....or a wallhanging for my friend's daughter.

  12. Hi Everyone! Oh my goodness! I quite blown away by your lovely comments- thank you so much! It's a privilege to be able to write and share projects with you, here or through Living Crafts! I am so loving reading all of your ideas-I wish I could see them all come to life! And in person- that would be the best!
    August 1st seems like a long way off- but it felt like the right date to choose- halfway between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox...and my twin boys birthdays!
    Thanks again- I love to hear your stories! and good luck! Fiona

  13. I love dear Heather's beautiful hand spun yarns and also your gorgeous wool. If I were to be lucky enough to win, I would incorporate it into a colorful hat;-)

  14. I came across your blog and was delighted to see that you were the author of the prefelting tutorial in Living Crafts - I found it soooo useful! If I were to get these beautiful colors, I'd probably make more prefelts with them to incorporate into a future project.

  15. Thanks everyone! Winner is announced! yay! Ronnie- if you can contact me, I'll mail off your package!
    Dawn- Oh! I'd love to see that hat! Sorry your number didn't come up this time! Thanks for your comment!
    Rebecca H- I'm so glad you found the prefelt tutorial useful! I love to have a small stash of hand made prefelts sitting ready! I often make them quickly as I'm working on a bigger project, for small accents, and then have a little leftover for other times as well! Thanks for visiting!
    warm wishes,

  16. Received my first issue of Living Crafts yesterday after finding it in a shop in Nelson this summer. Saw your name (any relation to the 'other' book loving Duthie?) and now while scrolling through your posts, see who was the other recipient in B.C. Heather mentioned when she sent out her woolly winners. I'm on Bowen...
    Funny little world.