Saturday, August 27, 2011

Accordian Folding and Dyeing Felt Scarves

  I started out with one idea on the new felt scarves I am making...but ended up going somewhere completely different! Those initial design ideas will incubate for a few days, while I work on this new direction!
  I started by felting a superfine merino fiber into silk habotai scarves. The fiber is so luscious to work with...dreamy...and virtually felts just by looking at it. I felted three scarves at one time, and then dyed them individually. 
  This one is dyed using an accordian fold. I divided the width of the scarf in quarters and pleated it along those lines. Then I folded the scarf along the length.
First dipped into a yellow dye bath. Held carefully with tongs, so only a third of one surface was submerged.

  I held it in the dyebath for about 5 minutes. Next dip was into fuschia pink. I didn't get a picture of this step, as children came around at this point, with needs and squables, and between being immersed in my dyeing, and a need to restore equilibirum...I missed the photo stage!:) Using the tongs again, I dipped in only the bottom third of the scarf surface in the fuschia.

   For the last step on this scarf I put the whole scarf in a mild turquoise dye bath, still folded, and left simmering for 45 minutes.
And...taa daa! Accordian folded felt scarf...I love the way it has a very soft plaid effect, subtle lines and shadings.  I'll dye like this again, with more pronounced colour combinations and longer dipping times...
Picture taken very hurriedly as I rushed to get the scarves into the gallery before they closed for the day!
The extra fine merino and habotai create the softest, most luxurious scarves...mmmmm....looking forward to Fall!
...and tomorrow...Flag folded scarves...
Warm wishes,


  1. Beautiful, Fiona, lookimg forward to the other ones ....
    (what sort of dye do you use ?)

  2. Hi Els, Thank you! I use low impact acid dyes that are heavy metal free. I find they are very easy to use, good for light and wash fastness, and i'm familiar with their colour blending properties. I dye with a lot of plant dyes too, but am a little fixed on the acid dyes recently...I fell a plant dyeing session coming on soon though! More on that later!

  3. These are really beautiful, thank you so much for sharing your technique!