Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Felting, felting, felting today!

Yay! I'm back to work at my felting table- altough it is outside of my studio, and not in it! I love my new floors so much, I'm reluctant to move anything inside!
Today I'm finishing some orders for wool lights...
I love these...wool and lighting in combination is so warm and enchanting.  I have a whole new series of hanging lights planned for this Fall...inspired by and wasp nests and beeswax....
And this afternoon...felting extra fine merino scarves and shawls for ArtCraft. They have sold all my work in the last few weeks while I have been building and shelves are empty and so I'm dedicating this week to making new pieces for them.
I'm going to record my process and write it up as a tutorial. I should be ready to post that next week...I plan on trying out  a new series, inspired by some conversation I've had with Els, at Fiber Rainbow...
Just thinking this about is making me twitchy to get started!
warm wishes,


  1. Hey, great Fiona that you are comfortable with the new colour of your floorboards now! (heaven's blue or still "Bounty-beach" blue ?)
    So good that you have time for felting again.
    I might look for some leather items (to try out your suggestion) in the thrift store, but don't know if I can find the "real" thing ...
    I like the felted cords, though they might get a bit fluffy in time ... But you can sew them on inside the bag/purse real tight! Only once felted the straps in, but left the ends loose, to felt them together later, adjusting the length.(was not easy)
    Have fun!

  2. Oh that is so wonderful! I never thought to use wool in a lantern like that. Beautiful!

  3. Hi Renee! Thanks so much for your comment! I love wool and light together! Watch for an article on this in Living Crafts Fall 2011! Yay!