Friday, August 19, 2011

Studio Colours

Wow! We're almost finished rebuilding the studio!
 This looks a little messy, as it's still very much a construction site and has not been all prettied up. I'll do before and after session once we are truly "after"!

The ceilings are whitewashed exposed rafters.
The floors are just 3/4 inch ply wood...simple and inexpensive, and not good one side and in need of paint....

  My (almost) last job was to paint the studio floor, and I chose this Robins Egg Blue. It just seemed like the right colour, but now I'm not so sure. 
It is much more light, and has a delicate, seaside feel....
  I've always veered away from blue in the home, as it can make it feel so cool....and warmth is very important to us after years of living in a cold house and chopping lots of firewood! But one of my sons asked why we never have anything blue, and that got me thinking....And I imagined a warm turquoise floor, with grass green, white and coral orange patterns painted on the surface- just a little...a few swirls and flowers....just because.

 So now we have the blue base....and I'm having trouble getting used to it (it's been all of 12 hours since I finished painting!)....It feels a bit like a swimming pool. At least half of the wall space will be covered with colourful rainbows of wool.  Do I try it out for a while? Do I paint on my surface designs and add all the finishing trim and furniture that will make half the floor space dissappear? Will the blue make it harder to photograph items well in the studio? Will it reflect up on the white walls and make things look dull, and always a little blue? I don't know? What do you think? 
 I need to have the floor finished by tomorrow so I can start moving in....So I'm going to take a break from studio colours for a few hours and immerse myself in colours of another sort- dyeing piles of yarns and rovings...and then make the decision!
Warm wishes,


  1. awesome space, so light and airy! as for the color choice/floor quandry.... I think alot of that floor will disappear once you begin filling up the room... and I agree... the orange, especially will warm up and balance that blue perfectly. Unless you have good $ to throw after bad, I would leave it for a few months, do your decorative painting and fill your room, you may find it is easily subdued... We had a similar frustration when trying to decide on the studio flooring. Because it has a den, entrance hall and the main studio all in the same 4 walls, we had to choose flooring that was multi-purpose. We ended up with some amazing Mexican hand made tiles that we found in a wholesale deal dirt cheap, and an end of bolt close-out deal, light cream color Berber in a pattern that looks like an Aran sweater, for the main areas. The tile is only in the entrance and under the Waterford-Stanley stove. I would love to have gone with some sustainably harvested bamboo, but NOT in the budget... You are going to have sooo much fun in your space. btw... I have the same single pitch, open beam ceilings painted white, in my studio... how uncanny! :o)

  2. I love your rebuilt studio!!! So much space to work in!
    Well it's a bit difficult with the floor colour, most of it disappearing anyway. So I too would leave it a bit (but who am I to tell you that?) Think about it and look at it again after some time ... Perhaps a lighter shade of robins egg blue? Well I think you'll know best yourself !!! ;-) Good luck, Fiona!

  3. Thanks so much for your ideas! It's nice to have these conversations, if from afar! I do love the colour...and actually, for me, looking at the pictures above told me what I needed to know- it is so much more light in there! I love the warm feel that the raw wood floors have, but it was still quite dark...and this blue reflects and illuminates so well. The floor designs are painted coming!
    It's actually quite a small space. The whole shed was 700 square we divided it up and I got the front 350, and the wood shop gets the back 350. The most important aspect ios that it is dedicated space- and that is invaluable! No more working at the kitchen table (justa s well, as we don't have one at the moment!)!
    Sidonie- those multifunctional spaces are a fun challnge- but definitely a challenge! All of these spaces we are working on may change in usage once we have built the house. Sometimes trying to anticipate the future possibilities makes the present just too then we just go ahead and figure we'll change it when (and if) that necessity ever arises! I really appreciate your comments! Talk more soon! Fiona