Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summertime Roadside Attractions

I love taking some time to as I drive from place to place, errand to errand, to observe a prevalent feeling or observation during the journey.
This weeks meanderings ventures into pinks...the predominent roadside color these days here on the island.
I parked and walked and snapped photos and observed...just taking a few minutes, in between things....a little breath of beauty on this summer day, in this place.

Such a splendour of pinks! I returned home, with a few checks on my to-do list, and dyed some yarns....holding the space of the roadside beauties...
 Baby Alpaca in a laceweight that is luscious for shawls and scarves...
And some great worsted weight yarns, perfect for hats and mittens and children's sweaters and pants....

A little breath of color and making, in amongst the summertime socials and lists! And available in the Shop now, for some later Summer into Fall knitting and crochet!
Warm wishes,


  1. Ooooh Fiona, these pinks are lovely! I always try to "catch" bumblebees too but most of the time they've disappeared when I come (too) close with my camera... Great wool!!!
    Thanks for your visit... and, I missed your felt-bags posts of June (holiday ;-)) those bags are wonderful with the nuno patches. Must work on the "nuno" a bit again...

  2. Hi Els, Thanks for your comments! I find bees a little magical...mesmerizing and so practical...what an ideal combination! The roadsides are just buzzing with them right now. It's nice just to sit and listen!
    The nuno patches would look great using you Kaffe inspiration too! Maybe an outer circle of silk organza and an inner circle of prefelt! Must try that! I love the internet for this- how projects can foster new projects in other places...the inspiration continues on around the world in an ever extending thread! Thank you!