Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wool Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone!
I just used the random number generator at Random.org and the winner is.....
Number 10! And that would be Ronnie in Australia from Homemade Happy!

 Please send me an email, Ronnie, with your mailing address and the wool play pack will soon be winging its way to you!
 Thank you all again for your comments! I loved reading about your project ideas. I'm sorry you can't all have won- but I do hope you have some beautiful wool in your stash so you can make some of the great ideas you described!

 August 1st was perfect sunshiney summery birthday! My twin sons turned twelve.  A special day including birthday breakfasts- homemade crepes with fresh fruit and whipped cream, visits with dear friends, gifts of wood working tools, modelling clay, wooden airplanes and remote control helicopters, sunshine, building and play... and two cakes... that will take us most of the rest of the week to finish! An ideal day for birthday boys!
  August 1st also marks the halfway point between Summer solstice and Fall equinox, and traditionally is celebrated as the beginning of harvest. I love to mark these points in time; they bring a focus to each period; a deeper awareness; a reminder to pay attention. With my sons' birthday falling on that day, we will observe this through the week instead, making some traditional harvest crafts this week, using wheat straw and corn husks, to celebrate the shifting seasons. 
I haven't been getting in much wool time making as my studio/felting shed is under (re)construction.  And it's short term- hope to be finished by the end of this week. So it feels more right to tidy up some other business, like articles for Living Crafts, wool orders for Fall, more wool dyeing in preparation for Fibrations, in Victoria, workshop planning....rather than set up shop temporarily. I can't wait to have it all finished, both because I love the space, and I'm so looking forward to getting to work on fall projects! It is probably good to have my ideas building up and bursting out of my notebook in anticipation of the time when I can hit the felting table again!
  Warm wooly wishes,


  1. What a wonderful birthday meal and what lovely, creative birthday gifts your sons received!! My identical twin daughters will be 20 in October, and they love to remind me that that will mark the end of my having any teens in the house. (It's ok, though...I had FOUR teenagers at once the year they turned 13...and that was plenty!) Giggle.

  2. Thank you Heather! Phew! Yes! The testosterone is rising in the house daily! Next year I'll have three teenage boys....very different from teenage girls...both with their own challenges! Lol! I imagine it must be a special time for you...watching your children come into their own adulthood....I try to keep myself where I am..where my children are in their development, but at times I do miss the sweet simplicity of their younger years. I think a weekly childrens fibre craft class in my studio will balance that out for me! Warm wishes, Fiona