Sunday, September 4, 2011

Studio Floor-finished!

  Creating this dedicated workspace to make it as inviting, comfortable and inspiring as possible has been a wonderful challenge! It is becoming a space where I want to spend every available minute, and invite others to spend time with me here, also!
 This is a corner (back right) that has me a bit feels like a natural sitting place, a relaxing place, a place for telling stories, and dreaming while looking out the front through the big cedar and glass barn doors. But the overall space is also quite this might be too indulgent a use of space. This corner may become the finished felt display area...for scarves, purses, jackets and wraps, pillows and throws and lights...saving the expanse of white wall for art pieces...this would be a a great view from the felting tables...
Sweeping curves that lead the eye, from the doorway to the different parts of the space. Strongly influenced by Scandinavian colours and patterns, as in our home and my new felt wall hangings (must show you those soon!)...
 Looking over towards the back left corner, which will house the new wall of wools; a soon-to-be colourful show that is for sale, inspiration, and 
quick-to-reach for use in design swatching, production and artwork.
 In the middle of this flooring section will be the main felting table...
 And back to the front doors- a wall of glass and cedar and light...beautiful. My little cash counter will be just behind the last window above, and I added the little painted feature where I will stand behind my counter...where only I can see it...and that pleases me!
  Most of the floor surface is solid- There are just the three main sweeping lines and the corner detail... a little fresh highlighting...
  And now it is finished, so it's time to move in and get to work!
warm wishes,


  1. Oh, Fiona--It looks lovely!! I love the simple, clean design and the bright and friendly colors! I know that you were on the fence about it at first, but you were right to persevere and try something's wonderful! XXO-

  2. I love how you created lines to lead the eye to certain areas. I am in the process of stenciling my "studio" floor. Maybe half way through and I am so wishing I could be in there all ready! Love the work.

  3. Oh I just love how you finished your floor! The flowers are so cute and what a great way to create little spots within the room :) Can't wait to see more later :)

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I do so love this space! I'm getting a bit worn out with this last stretch of building shelves/cupboards and organizing the last bits and pieces. I'd rather just be making things...but don't feel I should spend too much time making things while I look over at all the unpacked more organzing days, I think...and then so much to make! I love reading your comments- they keep me going! :)

  5. Aaah Fiona, what a great space to work in! Love your design. (I would love to visit and work with you ;-) !)
    Wish you all the best in these last organising days, carrying boxes and unpacking .... Love the word: "wall of wool"
    Also thanks for your good wishes, I know what it's like : I've been there in '98 (and still around !!)

  6. Your studio is looking gorgeous, I love the floor.

  7. lovin' it! cant wait to see the panoramic shots when all the gear is in place... :o)