Monday, October 3, 2011

Wooly Headed....

  I've been having quite the misadventure during the last few weeks since my full moon indigo dyeing post!
  I was gearing up, finishing the studio, to be ready to open my space for October 1st. For an Open Studio, Community Felting event, and to celebrate Felt United. Such plans...long lists...and lots of work underway!  And then the wood fell from the sky and landed on my head! This must have been on September 22nd.
  I was preparing an installation of natural materials and the felt works they inspired. Driftwood, bones, feathers....some of the natural pieces are small, with extra large felts made in relation to them and some are super size, with miniture reflections of surface design and shape to accompany them. Expansion/contraction, range of focus, surface design....
  One such piece- a piece of driftwood that stands about 9 feet tall and weighs about 60 pounds, was leaning on the wall, ready to be attached securely. I had my back to it, working on something esle, when it fell over, landing on my head and bouncing down my back. Loud yells, lots of blood, a serious concussion, and sore back...Time to lay quietly, reflect (not too deeply! I was not thinking clearly for a few days after the accident!)...and have some family time...pulling back from the artist's life and the studio time.
   I have been absent from the computer, absent from my blog and emails, absent from my studio, absent minded....and cancelled all but the most essential of work tasks.  I just want to sit and knit...well, just sitting would be fine, but I just can't justify that! I've managed to get the yarn and needles in one place, but can't chose a lace pattern for a new scarf and hat design I am working on....wooly headed...and not in the usual way!
  Slowness....just for  a few days... I feel there is something special coming out of this (driftwood) inflicted down time... not just an exuberant outburst of wool and color...something bigger, momentous, and planned and controlled. I just remembered a felt art piece I had in mind from a few years ago-never realized...working with wool and driftwood...dyed with plants indigenous to our homes...relating to our migration patterns...where we come from and where we go or find ourselves...I must come back to that thought! Very happy to be having creative thoughts again- they vanished for a week or so after the accident.
 So- that's where I've been..and what I have not been doing...No nothing is happening!  
  I'm feeling so much better and will be back with gusto next week! 
I'd like to say just now- thank you for reading, and thank you for is always so good to have your feedback and many new and wonderful friends through this place... and a beautiful way of keeping in touch with old ones, too-and I very much appreciate you all!
Warm wishes,


  1. Oh my heavens, Fiona!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and injury! Who knew that felting could be such a dangerous occupation?!?! (Sorry if it's too soon for gallows humor!) :)
    Oh my...but you are right that something beautiful is sure to come from the my favorite scene in the (old) movie 'Tootsie' when Teri Garr (playing an actress) is rejected by Dustin Hoffman and says, "I have to remember this feeling so I can use it later in my 'craft'"!
    I'm thinking of you with love and sending healing thoughts your way!! XXO--

  2. Wishing you more healing, clear thoughts and inspiration.

  3. Aaaargh ! My dear Fiona, thát's where you were!!! I really missed you and thought already something must have happened ... Well so sorry to say that I was right about thát...
    I hope that you are recovered a bit by now and that you can start again with your wonderful felt work (though "family-time" must have been góód after the worst was over ;-)... ) I hope all ends well for you and whish you for now all the BEST !!!

  4. Goodness I am so glad that it was not a more serious encounter with the driftwood. Sounds like you are on the mend now though and I love that you found the silver lining.
    I just wanted to also let you know that he parcel arrived here (yikes two weeks ago!) and it is all so lovely. My two tear old loves the little heart and carries it very carefully around the house. I have been spending my free time daydreaming of all the possibilities in that rainbow goodness. Thank you so much.
    Hope you are back to 'normal' again soon. Take care

  5. Missed your postings! May you find deep deep healing for all that you need in your body and spirit right now, your work is such a gift to us all.

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I feel much better, significantly slowed down...but all is well!

    Heather- I apreciate the gallows humour! I was thinking at the time that the universe must be trying to know some sense into my head!:) I must have been ignoring the earlier/more subtle messages!

    Dulcie- thank you for your warm thoughts!

    Els-Thanks for your caring- and your message giving me the nudge to get back to my blog and work....Note to follow!

    Ronnie-I'm so glad your wool has arrived! and I'm so happy that the heart is loved! and the image of just daydreaming about the wool....I do that all the's almost the best part!:) the anticipation! Thanks for your warm wishes!

    Sue- Thank you...I feel so much that I am on the cusp of a big's becoming more clear....and I think that necessry slowing down is a part of the process. I'm happy to be back...and have lots of projects planned!