Saturday, November 19, 2011

Uplifting Gifts...

  I just received a package in the mail...a lovely package sent for no particular occasion...just to make me feel happy! What a great surprise and a truly uplifting package it is..both because of the potential of the materials inside and also because of the sweet intention of the sender... my felt friend Heather WoolLove.
 Oh my goodness! Is that not just a blast of fiber happiness! I love these mixed colour rovings...carding into blends, as opposed to dyed. They can be used to add such depth to felt works. I don't know yet how I will use this...but I want it be for something that helps someone pass the good intention forward, in a new form...
   It is so delicious! I will hang it up in our small space as a garland to savour and inspire, until the new year, when I can turn my intention towards the right project!
  I lost the thread on my Gratitude Gifts from earlier this year...but think it's time to start them again....and I know just where to start! More coming soon!
  These unexpected gifts, given from the heart, mean so much and as a giver maybe you can't imagine just what it might bring to the recipient- so much more than just what is inside the package...To me this is the perfect gift...unexpected, given without expectation, materials to spark one's creativity, and a reminder that doing little things for people can give so much.
Thank you Heather! I love it!
Warm wishes,



  1. What a beautiful post, and what a lovely woman you are, Fiona!
    I cannot wait to see what the roving 'becomes' after the New Year...
    and how the warmth of my gesture gets passed on!! :)

  2. I just discovered your blog after enjoying so much of your work with Living Crafts. What beautiful fiber, it would be hard not to be inspired by it!

  3. Hi Katie, Thanks for visiting! It is so lovely- it is hung up in my studio where I can see it and dream everyday!