Monday, December 12, 2011

Felting with Wool Locks

Mmmmm...I've been wanting to work more with wool locks and felting...I got to play a bit with this with some new pieces I've been making for WinterCraft.
This is the layout for two scarves. I love laying out the layers of white. It's so serene amd perfect.  There is an underlayer of fine merino, then I used lengths of plastic resists since the locks are quite fine and would probably felt into the surface. On one side are Blue Faced Leicester Locks and on the other are Mohair. Then another layer of merino roving on top...Once the pieces were around the prefelt stage, I cut them apart, down the middle, so they could be finished individually and the cut line would felt also.

 This is the mohair lock scarf, with some shibori stitching done before dyeing. It's so nice to wear...and works well as a shoulder wrap also. It would so dramatic to wear with an evening dress....if one had occasion to do so!

I have some super amazing Racka locks I bought recently from Namaste Farms. I so want to try these out this way with a wild and black sweeping line of locks on a scarf.....or jacket! That is my planned birthday project! A new felt jacket.....

 Aren't these wild! I had never heard of Racka sheep until very recently. This came as a great reminder to get the Felt Gathering online project underway for January. Very Exciting!
Back to the studio and some little felted birds I am making...
Warm wishes,


  1. Fiona--What a great idea!! I love the shibori dyeing on the blue one, and the Racka locks are amazing!! That's a new breed to me, too!! XXO-

  2. What great pieces you made Fiona ! The blue shibori is gorgeous (it reminds me a bit of the clamp dyeing Chad Alice Hagen does)Those curls stand out wonderfully !!
    (sorry, still a bit slow in my reactions but all things are getting better day by day !)

  3. Wow , looking forward to your videos in January. Blessings,

  4. Beautiful as always Fiona, I'd love to them on, I bet they drape beautifully.

  5. What I meant was, I'd love to *see* them on ; )

  6. Hi Heather- thanks! It's all such an interesting new step leading to another. I'm really enjoying the shibori!
    Hi Els- thanks so much!I like the comboination of the unruliness of the locks and the oredliness of the stitches!
    Chandi! Oh...I must email you back! later today!
    The new project will be a website....developing into a collection of information for feltmakers on diffreent breeds and techniques....Hope to have it up and going by the new year!
    Hi Mia! Thank you! I didn't have time to take "model" shots before dropping them off at the gallery...these were taken at running speed! I wonder if they have sold or not? The gallery show ends later today...I kind of hope not..then I will keep one! I kind of hope so...then I can make some more!
    Warmest wishes to you all! xo Fiona