Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

  I just got a box in the mail this week from my Mother back in the east.  I had no idea what it might be, maybe some early presents for the boys.  I opened it up and read her note...and cried. It's a good thing-by the way! It's not that it says so much, but in it's few words it says everything that matters about the holidays.
These are made using some of my Grandmother's knitting patterns from the Shetland Islands.
   "Hi there everyone- About six weeks ago I remembered what you said in your blog last December, Fiona, about not having your box of Christmas tree decorations with you. So I decided to gather the troops together and make a few for you to use this Christmas.
   I had hoped to get them sent to you a bit earlier than this but the last ones were just dropped off to me on Saturday- so here they all are!
   I hope you like them and that you feel the love from us all as you take them out of the box.
   We'll all miss all of you this Christmas and hope you feel our love emanating from the decorations on the tree!
Much love to you all, Mam/Granny xxxx"

   Ohhhhh.....It's so simple and perfect, don't you think? It makes me cry because we are far from our families this year, but this note and package reminds us that we are never that far apart. I pass by each one on our tree and I can picture each family member, young or old(er) so vividly!
  Beauty, handcraft, love and family....Gosh, just how much sentiment can these ornaments hold... they are like tiny little concentrated capsules of emotion!
  I've organized group projects/shared gifts like this for so many others- this is the first time I've been on the receiving end, and I can't believe just how touching it is. As others have said that received them- I feel so loved!
  Just wanted to share my gift of warmth with you! And wish you all such warmth, whether your families are near or far!
Have a joy filled, peaceful holiday!
Warm wishes,

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