Friday, December 30, 2011

Studio Time

Hmmmm.... just not quite how I was expecting it! 
Today is my birthday, and my grand plans included felting myself a jacket. At least getting it laid out and started, and I had my sons all ready to help me out with the rolling as a partial birthday gift!
BUT! On November 24th, my studio looked like this.....

And after a month of lots of felting and dyeing and a show and looks like this.....

Oh! How inviting that clean work surface from November looks....
So today I'm cleaning up the studio... to start the new year right! And get to that jacket! 
It's glorious and sunny here today, so I plan to include a walk along the shore in my most favourite place, some yummy food, some good red wine, maybe some time in the hot tub at the local pool (seeing as we haven't got one set up here yet), and maybe....just maybe...if I get myself going.....a little wool time...
Warm wishes,


  1. Many happy wishes for you on your birthday. May this year be full of unexpected joys.

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet friend!! I hope that you managed to spend this lovely day in exactly the way that you desired.
    I can relate to the mess in your studio. My youngest two and I were just sweeping the first floor of our house in preparation for the onslaught of weekend sleep-over guests and one of them said that my studio floor had so many HUGE dust bunnies, it was 'gross'.
    ...and this from a college student, no less!! :)
    Happy New Year, too!!! Hugs and love--

  3. Happy birthday, my dear Fiona !!!!
    I know you will make a wonderful jacket when the time is right .... sometimes we're just a bit too hasty and want too much. In such a wonderful studio beautiful things will develope
    You may even get much better ideas of what you want to achieve ...
    But I know this feeling aaaall too well ;-), things must be done rather yesterday than tomorrow ....
    Enjoy the time with your loved ones have some good days and I wish you all the best and many wonderful felted pieces in the year to come ! Happy New Year and lots of love!

  4. Happy Birthday! Your felted creations are so amazing, I can't wait to see what that jacket will look like :)

  5. Happy Birthday and best wishes in 2012, This will be the year, that I come to Canada. JOY , Chandi

  6. Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!
    I have finally gotten my studio table all clear and ready to go! And have amy sketchbook full and ready for ideas to be I feel like I just need to establish a good work/family rhythm (that constant struggle!) and I'll be out there!
    I so appreciate all your comments- they are so supportive.....keep me going some days and always make me smile!
    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year- full of creativity!
    @Chandi- I do hope this resolution comes to fruition- it would be such a pleasure to meet in person!
    Warmest wishes to you all, Fiona