Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bold and Dramatic...

Ahhhh...First Felt of 2012 is finished....I'm so happy with the results....It feels like a just the right starting point and direction to head in for this year.
My peacock blue plans ventured into inky midnights...

 My red (to be purple) mini pocket disappeared into the depths-The purple becoming barely discernible but the pocket is still there- perfectly unobtrusive and ready to hold secret messages....Paua shell bead at the pockets edge...blue and shiny...meeting the wild, now raven black racka locks...which reach out over the nuno linen to find the partially eclipsed shibori moon on the tunic side...
 Neck details adorned with dyes and red stitches and a paua shell bead...
 Shibori moons on the back and side...in honour of the moon under which this was made....(not indigo dyed...although I did fit in my full moon indigo dyeing day this past weekend....).
The finished tunic is simple and dramatic...artistic and bold....and I'm so ready wear it this year....

Warm wishes,


  1. oh, it is SO beautiful!! i can't get over the color...and then the contrasting red stitches... sososo gorgeous. i do hope you'll model it for us...it's hard to get a sense of length. great work to start off the New Year!!

    blessings in 2012!!

  2. Oh, yes!! It's wild and amazing, Fiona!!
    Please take a photograph of you wearing it for us?!?
    I'm sure you look beautiful in it!
    (Is is a 'with jeans' top, or a leggings or long skirt kind of thing?)
    All of the special details make it so appealing...
    ...and I absolutely 'swoon for the moons'! Giggle

  3. Simply spectacular. I love the stitching!

  4. You will have to take a photo of it on, Fiona : )
    Well done girl, incredibly beautiful work. Love the red stitching and the shibori moons and that colour is breathtaking, would look stunning with a red skirt no?
    Hey let's confer about our trade! Warmly, Mia

  5. Thank you so much, everyone! I will model it for you- I promise. Living Crafts (the magazine I write for) goes to print on Friday, and then I'll have some time, although I want to get started on my Spring Felt line too...ASAP!- pieces like this blue tunic are items I'll be producing for Fall shows! I'll have time for a picture though! :)
    It hits just at the hip- so a short tunic.....
    Really truly- thanks for your words!
    And Mia- I'll be in touch- how exciting!
    Love, F

  6. Also am looking forward to seeing it modeled by you!

  7. Gorgeous and charming color. I love the stitches on the colar.

  8. Hi Ginny and Terrie, thanks so much for visiting here!
    Ginny- I'll try and model it tomorrow! And I have a new felt project to share....
    Terrie- Thanks for your comment- I love adding stitches to felt, either part way through, at prefelt stage, so they felt in, or after...or both! One of my new signatures!