Sunday, January 1, 2012

Craft Resolutions 2012

 Now this is my kind of resolution! This might work for me!
I have some grand, and not so grand craft aspirations for 2012...

  I'm going to learn how to crochet. Properly, I mean. I know how to... I've taught people how to... I've even taught people how to carve their own crochet hooks. I taught my sons how to crochet, and they have beautiful, hand dyed, crocheted pencil cases, still in everyday use.  But I'm more of a knitter, and have only used crochet as an accent. There are so many beautiful and inspiring crochet blogs that I love to much colour! It's time. I'm going to figure out this crochet thing, and make a blanket.....

  Launch  Domain is purchased, web hosting is in place.  I just need to set up the pages. I hope to have it live by February 2nd. This will be a resource website that has information for felt makers on different sheep breeds, their felting characteristics, projects and links to sources for different wool breeds.  I've talked about it here several times...the first months wool is in the studio already or it's going to happen!  Yes!
   Start doing Craft Shows again. One of A Kind and Circle Craft. I've had a two year hiatus while moving, and this November I was so missing setting up at this type of show and being inspired by all the creative people there.
  I had a most exhilarating day yesterday. The felt ideas were a-swirling, and my sketchbook quickly filled with drawings and scrawl and a new fine felt product line for Fall 2012. Lots of shibori, raw locks, over dyeing, stitches....I started working in this direction with my work for WinterCraft this year....and now it just feels so complete and ready. Can't wait to start! Oh! and this isn't even a resolution, but I'm a total last minute person. I usually start getting ready for One of a Kind in September....but I've already started for next year! If I make being more organized and pacing myself better, a resolution, I could check it off already! Grin!

   I'm going to add ten new wholesale accounts to carry my organic/plant dyed wool line, Kattikloo, next year. And completly renew the website... time for a change! This is a fun colour outlet for me. I never have any time to actually knit (or, ahem....crochet) anything from this yarn (which is the softest, most lushest yarn I've ever felt!), but I do love dyeing it. Between this and felt sales I should be able to keep us afloat while we are building our house this year (but that's not a resolution!:)
Do- able......

   And I'm now older and wiser enough (it was my birthday just the other day, you see!) to know that anything more than this, will not be do-able!  There are so many things I'd like to to think I will do this year...but older and wiser for me means being at least a little bit realistic. I think I can balance this all, with a little homeschooling, family meals from scratch, some exercise (now that would be a resolution- but I don't dare make it!), my work for Living Crafts.....just thinking that all this doesn't leave much time for sitting on the couch reading a book... that would be a novelty....and something I  would love to do....for myself, and only financial or creative I'll add it in! 
  Allow for some couch sitting/book reading time! Any book recommendations anyone?

 Do any of you have a craft resolution you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it! We're posting a series of these over on the Living Crafts Blog this week also, if you'd like to read about what some other creative types plan on getting up to this year!
Happy, happy, New Year to you all! May it be full of joy, satisfaction, colour, and creativity!
Warm wishes,


  1. Oh! I have two more...kind of craft related!
    I'm going to learn how to use my DSLR camera (that has been in box and taken out only occasionally for alomost two years!), and I'm going to try to stop photoshop cleaning my house (and fingernails) and clean them better for real! This is a bit of a running joke in our house...Lots of clothes have been cleaned with photoshop! :)

  2. What a wonderful post, Fiona!!
    Suggestions for books: Absolutely anything by Ann Patchett...last year's State of Wonder was especially delicious.
    The Help if you haven't yet read it.
    ...or you could read The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides along with me (I loved Middlesex and received this latest one of his for Christmas.)
    Happy New Year!!!! XXO-

  3. Hey, wise woman!! Love to you

    my favourite and one i think you would love is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kinsolver

    I to am aiming at not overdoing it this year !!

    V n B back in Kiribati now and we are all well just had the best time working wiht a group of lovely artists frm the Deaf community in Auckland am still on a high,

    Love to Grahm and the young men!!
    XXX E

  4. Thanks so much for the book suggestions, Heather! I'll check them out....maybe this week...ah... so much to do!
    Erica! Hugest hugs! I love Barbara Kingsolver... I haven't read anything by her in a while, so maybe it's time! So exciting about all your projects, persent and upcoming- hopefully close by!XXF

  5. I am just loving (and am in complete AWE) of your upcoming plans! That was such a fun post to read. I'll have to pop in regularly. How Will you fit it all in? You provide so much beauty and inspiration already ღ

  6. @ Hinterland Mama-thanks for visiting! And for such kind comments! As every parent knows, you just keep going! Sooner or later, something gets done! I love doing these things, making anything, sharing is both soothing and revitalizing....I can't live without it...I'm so fortunate that I get to do this most of the time...(and then cook and clean, and homeschool, and play some of the time too!)
    Happy New Year!