Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Felt Armour

  Luckily for me, I had a board meeting to go to yesterday which got me out of the house, into the great bright, white outdoors early in the morning. I needed that reminder to stop working and get outside....

 So later in the day we went down to Fulford, to the beach....visited the petroglyph, and got blown away....
  It felt like emerging from a hibernation....and having all the cobwebs swept away....
   I wore my felt tunic for the first time an armour against the elements, both real and imagined... it's been billowly, blustery and snowy here....lots of it..and it's quite lovely....

  ...and a good day for some felt armour!  So here I am for those that wanted to see the tunic on....Not the best picture, but it does the job....the tunic felt is great to wear, soft, snug, warm, strong, and a little wild....
  I'm going to make some bags this week based on this design...linen nuno felted, racka locks, overdyed, stitches...I can hardly wait to show these this Fall.... 
Warm wishes,


  1. What a beautiful creation and the color is to die for!

    1. Thanks, Sunshine Mama! I know I'm going to love wearing it! It took several over dyeing until I was satisflied with the colour...I think that's why there is such depth to it.....That delicate balance of knowing when to add more, and when to stop! lol!

  2. Oh, Fiona, it's wonderful! Thanks for modeling it for us!!
    ...the color is absolutely perfect with your eyes (now I know why you overdyed it!!) :)
    ...and I love how it looks great with jeans, too, so you don't have to wait for a special occasion to wear it.

    1. Thanks, Heather! I was making this for myself all along..and I just can't wear white...for many of them being that I can't keep anything white for longer than 15 minutes! I love that it can be a "with jeans' garment too....something special for everyday! Very excited to make a couple of bags like this too!