Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Felt 2012

  First Felt...isn't that a glorious notion?
The other night was movie night here, and I was not that into it, so I ventured outside into the darkness and illuminated my studio....What a refreshing time. I never think to go out there in the evenings......usually by then I'm pretty tired anyway. But it was delightful. To have the radio on, my warm lights, and just my space.
   I started working on a tunic design I have in mind for Fall 2012. Working on a small fashion and accessory line, combining felt, raw locks, shibori dyeing and fabric inlays...

   When working on larger projects I try and do the layout and first felting in the afternoon/evening, then leave it overnight, and finish the felting in the morning. The rest for both me and the felt seem to make the felting go so quickly! This piece took quite a bit of planning. First the math to get to template sizing right to allow for shrinkage. Fabric inlays? Or Shibori? or the crazy Racka locks? Colours in relation to overdyeing? Stitching, to be felted in, or done after, and what colour? As a first sample in this line, I was more interested in experimentation, so it got a little of everything...

 These photos show the tunic at 2/3's felted, ready for shibori, stitching and first dyeing. This is the neck detail, with black linen, racka wool locks, and wensleydale locks.

The pocket detail. I decided to put on just a small pocket...maybe a place to hold a charm, intention or wish. I'm imagining a small stone or parchment hidden inside, to be noted as necessary while wearing. This tunic is destined to be first overdyed in blue, so the red will become purple. More Racka and
  I'll be finishing it up today, and post the finished pictures! 
It's amazing how much energy you get from working in a place of pure experiment. Or from inspiration....This is one of the pieces I scrawled out in my sketchbook on New Years Eve...bringing it to life is so exciting....more evenings in the studio....must remember that all i have to do is take a few steps outside and flip the light switch....
Warm, wishes,

PS- I can't belive my spell check has no sheep breed names in there a special spell check language that felters can use?!


  1. how exciting! It looks wonderful. Thank you for showing us the beginning stages. =)

  2. Fiona--It's going to be fantastic!!! I have been trying to psych myself up for ages to do larger projects, but my mind just 'skitters off' in other directions when I get close. Sighhh. Maybe you'll come and visit me one day to encourage me in person!!! :) XXO-

  3. Thanks Lynette! Didn't get any work done on it today, but hope to finish it up tomorrow!

    Heather- Thanks! Laughing at your description! You make so much! And...I was thinking about visiting you yesterday! Maybe, maybe, I'll be coming to Ohio for the TNNA (national needelarts association show) in far is it from Columbus to Euclid?:)Thanks for coming by- I love to read your comments!

  4. If you are using word, you can add your sheep breeds as you type them in and Word marks them as misspelled. Just be sure you get them right before you add them!

  5. this is absolutely wonderfull!

    as spelling sheep breeds...we know what you mean .........

    love and happy new creating!

  6. Thanks Glenda! I just write everything directly in blogger. It's not a problem- I just find it so funny that every single sheep breed and textile term and technique comes up as a spelling error when I spellcheck!

    Thank you Yvette,both for your comment and for visiting! Lots of fun felt coming this year I feel!