Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What to do today....

  This morning I dropped Graham off at the Fulford ferry...he's heading back to Ottawa for the funeral of a very close and loved family member...It'll be good for him to have some time there with his mother....and it was sad for me to watch the ferry leave...I let the wind blow me around for a few minutes on the dock...clearing with air....
Nuno Felting supplies, including some of my organic plant dyed cottons
   And now it's me and the boys and I need to decide what to do today...it's not like I don't have a long list already on the days agenda...but it feels like a good day to get lots done...should I finishing photographing some yarns? Nuno felt a blanket that I want to make? (I want to make a simple blanket that I will use as a canvas while learning and practicing my stitches as part of the Take a Stitch Tuesday project), start knitting on a new pattern for a scarf/cowl I have envisioned?

Can I maybe do all this? And get help our homeschooling work done? And do my Living Crafts work? Maybe....
I'll let you know tomorrow!
Warm wishes,

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