Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upcoming Workshops at Fibres West

I'll be teaching three classes this Spring at Fibres West in Abbotsford BC.
For more information and to register, visit the Fibres West website:

Friday March 16th, 10:00am -1:00pm
Nuno Felted Scarves: During this hands on class, we’ll create a gossamer light, wool felt scarf in a luscious combination of silk and merino wool. Nuno felting is a wet felting technique that encourages wool fibres to migrate through fabrics, bonding them into one unique textile surface. We will explore many aspects of nuno felting, from making the sheerest of textiles to using nuno to create great surface texture for other projects. Everyone leaves with their own finished, wearable art. Suitable for beginners.
Class fee: $45.00
Material fee of $15 includes: silk fabrics, merino wool and embellishments in a wide range of colours, plus print instructions. Please indicate your general colour preference on the registration form. Additional kits will be available at the workshop.

Friday March 16th, 1:30pm -4:30pm
Felt Surface Design: In this class we’ll play with as many combinations of felting and surface design as we can fit in to the time we have together! Nuno patches in silks and cottons, protrusions, shibori shaping, slashes and holes, prefelts, pockets, clamping…… We’ll each create our own wet felted art cloth sampler, that can be later made into a great needle case, bag front, or further embellished and mounted as a tapestry.
Class Fee: $45.00
Materials fee of $15.00 includes: silk fabrics, merino wool and embellishments in a wide range of colours, plus print instructions.

Saturday, March 17th,  10:00am-4:00pm
Felt Bags: 3-D felting with resists: Felting is a great medium for making bags - beautiful, unique, and durable. 3-D felting involves using plastic resists to create seamless hollow forms, in any shape you desire. This technique is commonly used to make slippers, hats, sculptural works as well as one of our favourites – hand bags! We will cover resist making, and felting on a form. We’ll be using the best sculptural tools, Norwegian C-1 and Pelsull. We’ll be adding all sorts of individual ornamentation, silks and cottons, ruffles, protrusions and prefelts, all while making your own personalized, functional art.
Class Fee: $90.00
Materials fee of $35.00 includes all wools and embellishments in a wide range of colours, leather handles, plus print instructions.


  1. Hi Fiona! I have been mulling over going to Fibres West again this year but it's soooo far. The ONLY reason I am considering going this year is b/c of your class. Will you be offering it here on Salt Spring at any time? Or perhaps in Victoria?


    1. Hi Felix, Thanks for visiting here! And for your interest in my classes! I'll definitely be giving some classes through the summer. Probably a similar but extended three day session, a little more open, technique based classes, where you can mix and match the classes. And then another session in September/October. Looking forward to meeting you sometime soon! Fiona

  2. sigh i wish I lived close enough to attend a workshop - maybe one day you could do some on line / correspondence courses for those of us who live in a different hemisphere :)

  3. Thanks so much for your comment! I'm working on online courses...several ideas! Or maybe I can just come back to the southern hemishphere for a visit! Oh! That would be so nice...Australia is calling to me just now....maybe in 2014 it can happen (we just have to build a house first!:)
    Thanks for visiting! Fiona