Sunday, April 8, 2012

Full Moon Indigo Dyeing: April

Ah! Happy Spring!
It's been an absolute whirlwind of activity around here...I'll tell you more soon....maybe...unless better and more exciting things get here first!

I have been playing with shibori all week...some of you may guess what that means!
It is (also) featuring large in my new felt lines and some new organic cottons and linens I am working with this summer.
For my own work.... madder and cutch natural dyes.....

Then with logwod, greyed with ferrous, and of course-indigo...magical mystical dye pot, and my full moon favourite.  

This vat was revived after a few dormant months (kind of like my blogging!)...and quite happy to be enlivened once again. I didn't have much I needed/wanted to dye this full interesting change...I guess the regularity of the full moon dyeing sessions have caught up with the desire for indigo dyed items (no...not quite!)...

 Itajime Shibori...Green out of the pot and then the magic of oxidization....
 It was nice to dye just a couple of pieces...slowly....with pleasure....and then put the vat away...and know it could come out again anytime...such a treat.

 Arashi Shibori....the boys kept asking me what I was building-" a steam engine?" with my arashi pipe sticking up from my pot like a smoke stack....dyeing mysteries....

Lots more coming...I have 5 months full time in the studio...starting......NOW! 
So there will be lots of making...and blogging in these parts...

 A cloth eco dyed with big leaf overdyed and ready to be transformed once again...into a garment....

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate...and a lovely weekend!
Warm wishes,


  1. Fiona--I've missed you!!!!!
    Your new work is lovely, and I'm so excited to hear that you'll have so much time to work in your studio. I am already salivating over your future projects! :)
    Happy Easter!! XXO-

    1. Oh, Heather! Thanks for the love! Hugs to you! Yes... I guess technically not full time, but I'll be working in the studio everyday from 11-5...maybe some evenings also...and it will be open to visitors as three weeks....I am so looking forward to the immersion...Hope you're having a fantastic weekend-Fiona

  2. Hi there Fiona, glad you're back again !
    Love the shibori dyeing you did (I had an on-line class with Glennis Dolce but sadly enough never camme to doing anything with it ... in fact I don't have a good place to play with dye ....)
    Your vat is like a big dark moon !
    Happy easter to you over there !

    1. Helloe Els! Thanks so much! I'm having lots of fun with dyeing these days....cottons and handmade felts...I've got to get my space set up a little better for it...I have a good indoor and outdoor space, but it's a still a little tossed together for now...I LOVE your imagery of the dark moon of the pot....this fits in so beautifully with the full moon dyeing...the dark and the light, one reflecting the other....and in our shibori stitching and dyeing we chose how much of each to show for exciting!
      Hope you had a wonderful family weekend!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    We made heaps of 'Wishing Eggs' (as Nicholas calls them) on Sunday with some friends and their children. A big success and a sunny day for an outdoor activity! Thank you for the inspiration.
    Nicholas's gnome hat is still a big hit!
    Have a lovely week,

    1. Hi Lois, Thanks for visiting!
      Oh! I love that you made the wish, so nice! I'm so glad to have met's nice to think of someone on another small island close by also creating!