Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pure Potentiality

  I need to order a large amount of wool for the studio this summer...mostly for getting ready for the One of A Kind show this November. I've been trying to decide exactly what wool to get, then came across a solution... a smaller order...a sampling of wool breeds to experiment with before making the big wholesale order commitment....

  And it came in this week...wonderful customer service and quick delivery from the World of Wool.
  And inside...a box of pure potentiality. I love getting a box of white raw materials ready to be transformed. Wool, cottons,'s all so delightful and inspiring...

  In this particular box.....Falkland, Finn, Norwegian, Icelandic (truly a world of wool!) all for bags and purses...

So I have plenty to get started on for my studio sales, plus get an idea on what will be best for my finished products. I have a soon as I get my felting table clear again  (it's going through another chaotic period, but is slowly regaining it's orderliness!), I'll make four bags, same style, same looking forward it...I hope to start tomorrow.  This will give a great push forward on my feltgathering breed sampling project also.

  And last of all...I'm saying goodbye to my studio companion....a mannequin I borrowed for a photo shoot from Ulrieke Benner, a fabulous feltmaker here on Salt Spring.  It was so nice to have her in my studio, ready for draping and photography at a whim...I have to find one soon....She just made everything feel so finished....

  On to clearing up the felting table, and getting my new bags laid out...
Warm wishes,


    How much did you order ??? It looks like kilos to me .... what fun playing with all of that !!!
    (saw the shawl you made for "living crafts" with the pencil rovings .... it looks amazing (on you !) ;-)!)

    1. Thank you Els! (about the LC shawl also!)
      Oh my goodness...a box of white wool is about the most delicious thing ever!
      I have about 5 kg here....just a start on this summers felting! Can't wait! warm wishes, Fiona

  2. That idea of compare and contrast is a good one. You could perhaps complicate your life further by blending...
    I feel this year is particularly inspirational. Some dyed silks recently, some nuno, pods and other projects.
    A good energy out there!

    1. It is a good year for creating, Lois! My Chinesse horoscope promised me it would be a prosperous one if I worked hard...That seems to be holding true and working out for me too! :)
      I could blend...It's a good idea, and would be fun for experimenting...but as I get into my production rhythm I need to keep things simple. As you know,, I love the C-1 and C1-Pelsull from New England Felting Supply...and I may just use that...but thought I'd experiment with some options first before committing to the BIG orer! To the felting table! Have a wonderful weekend, Fiona

  3. mmmmm I can smell it by watching these pictures!

    1. Mmmmm...wooly smells...The natural wools certainly have them- Luckily I love them! Thanks for visiting!