Monday, June 11, 2012

Sculptural Scarves

This summer I'm exploring ways to incorporate as much three dimensional texture as possible into my work. It such a fun experiment...I love that I can be making items to sell, while playing..... These experiments often involve trips to the hardware store...hardware and building materials seem a good combination with feltmaking! And lead to some very interesting conversations in the shop, which I'm sure they are quite used to on an isalnd of artists! For this texture it involved finding wiring that would hold it's shape while being very lightweight.  The scarves can be folded, twisted, wrapped and crimped into any shape the wearer desires...simple...dramatic....traditional or wild.....The wool is ultrafine organic merino....and it is so soft and luscious...delightful!

A few wearable sculpture possibilities....I like to think that the wearer can feel like an artist when they put on this scarf....that they can take a moment to create a wearable art piece that reflects their mood in that moment... or maybe where thay want that mood to go...That the wearer gets to partake in the creative process, as well as a the maker....

As always, these are all handfelted in white, then overdyed...I love this process....I love the whiteness, and everytime have to re-commit to myself, my sensibilities, and my love of colour...

I want to make an extra large version of this scarf for myself, for exuberant wearing at shows...and just for when the mood strikes...Plus I'm seeing sculptural bags and jacket much to make! But first I have to finish my fibre art posting!

Warm wishes,


  1. Your scarves are incredible!!

  2. Iiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! THEY ARE SO GÓÓD !
    I once had a jacket with wire in the hem: you could do the same funny things !!!
    Also love the blue silk-felt shirt you're showing it on .... ;-)
    .... fibre art bike ....??????
    (hey: and yóú are saying something about "only close-ups" ;-) ...?)

  3. Hi Fiona, found your blog on pinterest, love your work and art and tutorials, these here are gorgeous, you inspired me, thanks for that. Have a great weekend, greetz from Janine ( germany)